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Artists Who You Probably Didn’t Not Know Were Gay

Artists Who You Probably Didn't Not Know Were Gay

Have you ever had a strong crush on an artist only to find out they were gay?

Maybe a lot of you have had your heartbroken when your favorite singer came out as gay.

I did when Sam Smith did. Similar might be the case for some of you, but some of them are bisexual as well.

In the history there have been many gay artists, some of which we knew were gay and some which we didn’t.

So, I have listed down some of the artists that you might not have known were gay. 


1. Freddie Mercury

This was probably too obvious after Bohemian Rhapsody, the movie came out.

The movie based on the gay artist was released on 2018.  However, unless you were a fan of rock music you might not have realized that he was bisexual.

He had multiple male and female partners throughout his life.

Although the was not quite open about his sexual orientation. Due to this he is thought to be bisexual.


2. Sir Elton John

The sacrifice singer, told The Rolling Stone that he was bisexual on the year 1976.

However, on the year 1992 he told that he had been quite comfortable being gay.

Later on the artist told Variety magazine that he was actually 23 when he first realized that he was gay.

He has constantly been outspoken about the issues faced by LGBTQ community.

He also has founded Elton John AIDS foundation. The gay artist was presented with the Legion d’honneur by the French president Emmanuel Macron on 2019.


3. Sam Smith

For some of you that didn’t yet know, Sam Smith is genderqueer. The Grammy winning artist came out as gay during 2014.

However, they came out as genderqueer on Jameela Jamil’s Instagram show on 2017.

They said on the show “I feel just as much a woman as I am a man”.

And finally, on September 2019, he openly declared that they didn’t want their gender pronouns were they/their.


4. Troye Sivan

The Youth singer came out as gay to his fans on 2013 via a youtube video.

The South-Africa born Australian singer had been uploading videos on youtube since he was 12 years old.

He didn’t really feel safe growing up in a society which didn’t think highly of it. He expressed how he was terrified of it. The gay artist released his album bloom in 2018.


5. Greyson Chance

The American singer/songwriter came out as gay on 2017 through instagram.

He rose quickly into popularity on 2010 with his performance of Paparazzi by Lady Gaga.

Ellen Degeneres invited him to perform on her show quickly after he gained some followers.


6. Adam Lambert

gay artist

Adam lambert finished the Eighth season of American Idol on 2009.

As soon as the show ended, the artist has been openly gay in a relationship with Sauli Koskinen.

He lowkey also played a small role in the movie Bohemian Rhapsody on 2018.


7. Jason Mraz:

gay artist


The I’m yours singer, revealed that he was bisexual through a poem that he penned down. In the poem he wrote, “I am bi your side’.

He says that he didn’t really realise that it was going to be so revealing.

He posted this song during the gay pride month on June 2019 and since then he has openly advocate on the issue of LGBTQ community.


8. Ricky Martin

Ricky martin gay artist 2018

Ricky Martin didn’t want people to know he way gay.

However, he later on admits that it was wrong to do so.

The artist says the he had wasted a lot of time and energy on trying to hide this fact ealy on his career.

Later on he came out to everyone through his website, stating he was a proud homosexual man on 2010.

The gay artist revealed on 2018 that he and his partner Yosef were married.


9. Lil Nas X

Gay artist coming out 2019

The 20 year old artist came out to his sister and father on 2019.

However, he only came out to his fans on the last day of the gay pride month.

On his interview with BBC Breakfast he again stated that he was gay.

He told the team that he understand his sexuality. However, the rap community is still not accepting of homosexuality.

He got a lot of positive comments. Nevertheless, there are tons of negative comments that signaled a homophobic reaction in the rap/hip-hop community.