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Why Are Women Everywhere Delaying Or Denying Motherhood?

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Motherhood is one of the few standard rituals we have left in society. The idea of having a child and then raising that child into adulthood has been ingrained in our society for centuries, simply because it provides stability to the family dynamic.

However, recent studies show that women are taking longer to conceive, having kids later in life, or just not at all. Why is this happening? We’re exploring this topic here with help from some research.

1. The average age for marriage is getting higher

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The average age for marriage is currently nearly 26 years old, which is up from 20 in 1976. This means that couples are delaying having children to prolong the time they can spend together. The men in these marriages HATE this, but they might like the idea of having a child who’s raised by someone else full-time. Women hate it too, but many hardcore career women are saying no thanks to kids because they’ll never be able to afford them financially or emotionally. When will the pendulum swing the other way? We don’t know!

2. Unstable relationship status

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With around 40 percent of marriages ending in divorce, women are taking their time to find the right person, but still, end up not having kids. This leads to instability in raising children, which leads to more issues. SO MANY ISSUES!!!

So couples choose not to have kids until they are stable. And stability takes time. So, couples delay parenthood further.

3. Financial security is a must

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For a woman to have a child, she needs a stable home and a stable income. In today’s economy, this is really hard! Most women can’t afford to have kids when it cost tens of thousands of dollars just to raise them from birth until they’re 18 years old. And there is no way women can comfortably afford a child is if they’re not working. And child-rearing usually is a full-time job in itself. So a parent has to get out of the workforce (for a couple of months/years) to take care of their kids. Hence sacrificing their hard work up until that time.

But here’s a tip: you should never stay at home with your kids unless your partner is going to be able to provide for them financially. Your children have the right to both parents in their lives and it’s only fair that both of you take responsibility for them.

4. There are many other options

The birth rate among unmarried women continues to rise each year. This is because there are so many other options when it comes to bearing a child these days, such as sperm banks and IVF treatments for single women who want children without having to be romantically involved in the process of creating life. And because of science and technology, women can even have kids later in life. So, they delay motherhood until they are financially and mentally stable. And they even choose to not have kids.

5. Career opportunities for women

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Both men and women in the workforce have a right to take time off to raise their children in a safe and stable environment, but for this to happen, employers have to stop being jerks. Many companies frown upon or flat out prohibit taking extra time off to have a child or take care of their own aging parents. This means that child-rearing has become more of a burden than it should be.

In addition, this also means that the work environment is not conducive for motherhood because when someone takes time off from work to have a kid, they’re sacrificing valuable opportunities that were previously available to them. Women are working, but it’s still not safe for them to have kids in the workplace with their employers dictating what they can and cannot do at home/on the job.

6. There is a growing lack of appreciation for motherhood

The most important role in all of society is the role of a mother. She has given life to another human being and has a responsibility to take care of that human being from birth until death. Because so many men have been absent from their children’s lives, they have become less appreciative of what mothers do. In addition, there is so much disrespect for women in general, whether they’re single moms or career women who don’t seem to have time for kids because they want that to focus on their careers. And both women are shamed for choosing one over the other.

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