Why ? How ? Who Killed KJ Balla ? Rest in Peace!

If you like to read about death controversies, then you must read once about the death of the rising rapper, KJ Balla who found shot dead in a drive-by shooting. Before a month, he had boasted in one of his rap songs that he ‘cannot die in the street’. The news of his death becomes more controversial after the delivery of the same words into his lyrics.

According to the reports from NYPD, the shooting incident has happened before 10 pm on Friday on Bradford St. in East New York. During the event, Balla was shot in the chest after the gunman fired five rounds bypassing his car. What was the actual reason behind the death of the rising rapper? What is still going on in his family?

Let’s find out in detail about the life of KJ Balla along with his family, current investigation as well as his career. Until then, stay tuned with us.

23 Years Old KJ Balla Killed In A Drive-By Shooting

The American rapper, KJ Balla was doing great with his career as he had already co-founded his label, Nothing Records. He was famous for releasing his two hit singles; Switch the Game and Strangers. Also, he was active on his YouTube channel where one of his videos, Cookin Up, was viewed more than 1.8 million times.

KJ Balla died of gun shot on Brooklyn Street By Drive Shooting
KJ Balla died of a gunshot on Brooklyn Street By Drive Shooting
Image Source: Instagram@kjballa

On his latest music video, Back to Back with Jay Gwuapo, he added some lyrics which by the way changed his life and led him to death. On-street violence and fun fights. In the song, Back to Back, his lyrics go like:

Keep a TEC when I ride in the street. I cannot die in the street, so I hop in the booth and I ride on the beat.

His dead incident on Brooklyn Street made headlines and also caused a lot of controversies. The NYPD reported the shooting incident has happened before 10 pm on Friday on Bradford St. in East New York. Balla was not alone during the event. However, he was with a man who also got shot and rushed to Brookdale Hospital. Although KJ had captured some irrelevant content in his videos, he was so into on his music career.

The investigation team is still in the process of finding the criminals.

Watch a music video of KJ Bella, take a short look!!!

What Does His Mother Say?

After hearing the news of her son’s roadway death, KJ Balla’s mother, Valencia Smith, went through a shock. She recalled Balla’s childhood and career saying:

He used to dance on the trains when he was little, then he started rapping. He was very charismatic and was really into his rap career.

Being heartbroken, Valencia added:

He’s never coming home. He was my only son. I’m so heartbroken. It’ll never be the same for me. 

On Balla’s death news, his aunt, Jacqueline Smith, stated:

We were always together, the family. For this to happen. I can’t even imagine. This just hurts bad.

Moreover, Balla’s mother denounced the killer as ‘cowardly’. Balla couldn’t survive the gunshots. However, his friend is now in a stable condition at Brookdale Hospital. May Ball’s soul rest in peace!

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