What Happens to Your Body on a Long Haul Flight

What Happens to Your Body on a Long Haul Flight

No wonder you might face different issues when you are on a long flight.

Although air flights seem to be safe and faster, it can have effects on your regular schedule.

Long haul Flights can have numerous effects of flying on the human body.

These effects come from the increasing pressure as we climb higher in the sky.

The effects on traveling on the body are numerous and dangerous too.

If you are planning on a vacation and a long haul flight soon, here are some of the significant warnings before you start the trip.


Rise in Stress Level

What Happens to Your Body on a Long Haul Flight

While you think travel can entertain and refresh you, it might raise your stress level too.

Airplanes can cause an increase in stress levels without your consent.

Once you get into the plane, you might think about the time you need to be on it.

In no time, you will want to get out of the flight soon.

Also, people can be annoying during the long trip.

The rubbing of elbows and the uncomfortable seats can make you feel annoyed for no reason.

If you are allergic to specific foods served in the airplanes, it might cause more irritation too.


Makes your Ears Unhealthy

What Happens to Your Body on a Long Haul Flight

Isn’t it normal for you to face ear problems which you travel on a long haul flight?

Your ears might feel sick, and you might feel a buzz.

Because of the changing pressures, and your ears trying to adjust with it, your ears might have some difficulty.

However, a simple step to get through it is to yawn.

Yawning makes you feel a lot better while you are on the flight. It gives comfort to your ears.

To avoid the problems of unhealthy air, you can choose a seat that is over the wing.


Might make you Dehydrated

What Happens to Your Body on a Long Haul Flight

As long haul flights have effects of flying on the human body, you can face symptoms of dehydration after flying.

Because the air at the high altitude is free of moisture, dehydration is the primary symptom of it.

Your body will not gain any humidity, and you will feel dryness in your skin, throat, and nose.

To avoid the problem of dehydration while you are on a long flight, you can carry an empty water bottle.

It will help you hydrate yourself even when the beverages are not available on the plane for hours.

Also, you can be on the flight with some moisturizers, nasal spray, and eye drop too.

Carrying this stuff will prevent you from getting dried out.


Makes you Feel Bloated

One of the prevalent symptoms of long haul flights is bloating.

You might have felt that your stomach always gets filled with gas at the higher altitudes.

So, you might be the victim of various gastrointestinal issues such as bloating and constipation while you are on a long flight.



Admit it or not, but airplane flights are always cold.

It is because of the coldness and lack of movement in the plane, you can face severe problems of your joints and legs swelling.

The swelling is because of the blood, which can even cause deep vein thrombosis.


Deprivation of Oxygen

Long flights being one of the crucial issues to get noticed; deprivation of oxygen is what most people produce.

Out of the significant flight issues, less oxygen is a significant one.

When there is less oxygen in the blood, it can lead to various problems.

Some of the problems of less oxygen can be dizziness and headaches.

It also gets accompanied by fatigue and results to be a significant problem.

Hence, you should stay away from long haul flights if you are weak.


Germs Exposure

Getting exposed to the germs being one of the significant factors, long trips can make you feel terrible because of the eggs.

Most of the time, you might get infected with viruses, bacteria, and fungi from the air leading you to be sick.

So, make sure that you carry a sanitizer whenever you are going out of your house on a long haul flight.

Hence, long flights can be tiresome and can cause some serious issues too.

Dehydration is one of the vital problems, can make you feel like you never want to travel again.

Also, your ears might get jammed, and the stress levels can rise.