The TikTok Celebrity, Avani Gregg Bio- Parents, Family, Makeup, Net Worth, and Relationship

avani gregg

Social media has not only become the platform to communicate, but it has become one of the most significant platforms to bring people to the limelight. In the present context, there are thousands of people who became famous after they appeared on the social media platform. Likewise, Avani Gregg is also one of the eminent social media personalities who came to the spotlight after she started making TikTok videos.

The gorgeous TikTok star: Avani Greg
The gorgeous TikTok star: Avani Greg,
Image Source: Instagram

Although Gregg is well known for being a TikTok star, she is a popular Makeup Artist, content creator, and YouTuber too. Furthermore, she was born on the 23rd of November 2002 in Indiana, the United States of America. Moreover, Gregg has a style guru badge and a verification crown on the TikTok platform.

Has Avani disclosed about her family? 

Although Avani Gregg is a pretty famous TikTok star, she has not revealed much information about her family. Matter of fact, her father’s name is not into the disclosure. Besides, the name of her mother is Anisha Gregg. She does not have any brothers. However, she has two sisters named Priya Gregg and Shanti Gregg.

Rumors about Payton and Avani 

The gorgeous and pretty TikTok star and actor, Avani Gregg had to be a part of the news. She usually posted with Payton Moormeier. Although she confirms that he was her close friend, there are some scandals about them being a couple and having a stressful breakup.

Payton Moormeier and Avani gregg Breakup
Payton Moormeier and Avani Gregg Breakup, Image Source: Youtube

How good is Avani Gregg in Makeups?

Avani Gregg is not only famous for her acting skills as a TikTok star; she has different fame for being a makeup artist too. She once said that she would love to do her makeovers in Billie Eilish. Gregg mentioned that she has massive respect for Billie as she liked 8 of her Instagram posts before.

Makeup by the TikTok Star
Makeup by TikTok star, Image Source: Instagram

Moreover, Gregg also mentions that she likes to show off her makeup skills in her TikTok videos.

Is Avani Gregg dating anyone?

Right now, Avani Gregg is in a relationship with Anthony Reeves. Furthermore, Anthony is also a TikTok star. Additionally, they are open about their relationship and post on their social media sites randomly.

Avani Gregg and Antony Reeves
Avani Gregg and Antony Reeves
Image Source: YouTube

Their love life is exciting. Avani Gregg often posts with Antony on her social media sites. One of the popular Instagram posts of Avani in which she posted with Antony at Hawaii reveals that this lovely couple looks hot together. She uploaded the picture with a caption “uhhhhh hawaii doe”. This is a recent picture of the 20th of January 2020.

Avani Gregg and Antony in Hawaii
Avani Gregg and Antony in Hawaii
Image Source: Instagram

Likewise, she has also posted another cute picture with Antony in Hawaii with the caption “just like my fav movie”. It seems like her favorite movie is Titanic.

Avani Gregg and Antony like Jack and Rose
Avani and Antony like Jack and Rose,   Image Source: Instagram

Avani Gregg as an actor

Other than acting in TikTok videos, Avani also appeared in a Television series named Chicken Girls in 2020. She looks fabulous and fantastic in the cast of the series. Hence, there is no doubt that she will gain fans from her acting career too.

Avani Gregg appeared in Chicken Girls
Avani Gregg appeared in Chicken Girls,
Image Source: IMDb

Here is some popular acting on TikTok videos of this famous TikTok star.

Net Worth

The famous TikTok actor, Avani, is ruling the entertainment industry. Hence, there is no doubt that she makes millions from her social media accounts.

With the crazy number of about 3.2 million followers in her Instagram account and about 10.4 million followers in her TikTok account, she brings a massive amount of money. As of 2020, her net worth might be around $1 Million. It doesn’t look like she owns any car as she never posts pictures with it.

Owns A Store name Depop

Avani Gregg owns a clothing app store named Depop in which she sells apparel and accessories. The accessories and clothes she shares in her app can be shipped Internationally. Here’s the picture of her official page in Depop.


online shop; Depop
Avani  Gregg’s online shop; Depop

Furthermore, her primary income source includes brand endorsements, Google Adsense, paid content, and makeup brand sponsorships. Also, she makes money from social sites too.

She has made brand deals with certain clothing brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Sisters Apparel, and Louis Vuitton. Moreover, she makes a tremendous amount of money by endorsing shoe brands too. She is a brand ambassador of Crocs Shoes and Nike.