The Only Advice for Younger Women

advice for younger women
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One of the most important decisions women make about their careers is about who they choose to spend their life with rather than raises, internships or degrees.

What matters the most is whether the person she choose to marry is going to accept her with those abilities or not.

The one thing that young and ambitious women are never told is about the unequal division of labor that often comes with marriage.

So, if you get married, particularly if you are going to marry a man, make sure it’s someone who will take your career seriously.

In most of the cases, woman marry the man whom she loves and they remain happy. But, majority of disputes arises when woman is more educated and earns more than her partner.

90% of men do not easily accept the fact that her wife is earning more and running the house better.

It’s harsh to say but in many countries people assume that a man’s work should take priority over that of his female partner’s.

Even the progressive men who earn much more than their life partners do not support them when it comes to having equal responsibilities.

The truth is that most of the women support their husband’s career by default.

The only way to counteract falling into this scenario is to be proactive about having an equal relationship.

There is always a huge difference between having a partner who says they support your career and the one who is actually willing to do it for making that statement true.

Younger women must be able to differentiate who is willing to actually support them and who is not.

They should choose her life partner who supports her ambitions and the one who doesn’t become a barrier in her career.

Men, on the other hand need to learn how to do the same with their life partners as well. They need to understand that it may come at some cost to their own happiness as well.