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T. rex had an ‘air conditioner’ in its head, study says

T. rex had an 'air conditioner' in its head, study says

According to a new study, something that can only be defined as “Cool” has surfaced up in association with a prehistoric animal. The study suggests that this fearsome predator named Tyrannosaurus rex actually had a thing similar to “air conditioner” attached to his head which allowed it to cool.

This massive dinosaur flaunted two big holes located in the top of the skull which was packed with muscles that aided jaw movements. However, Casey Holliday, the Anatomy Professor for University of Missouri stated that this unusual feature actually intrigued him which made him examine the same more closely.

This he why, he along with his team used the process of thermal imaging to study the present-day alligators living in a park located in Florida. Holliday, the lead author of this study stated that the extension of a muscle from the dinosaur’s jaw area is actually weird. Just taking 90-degree turn takes you towards the skull’s roof. Based upon their work studying alligators as well as other reptiles, the team has compelling evidence that confirm the presence of blood vessels near the dorsotemporal fenestra.

Researchers noticed that when attempting to increase the body temperature, the hot spots located in their skull roof confirmed an increase as well.