Marzia Kjellberg: Everything to know about Italian Internet personality

Marzia Kjellberg

While the internet has grown to be a big platform, there are millions of people who are gaining fame from their engagement on social media. Among them, Marzia Kjellberg is one of the most prominent Italian internet personality. With infinite numbers of followers on Instagram and Twitter and tonnes of subscribers on Youtube, she has been able to collect a significant amount of net worth. At the age of 27, she has gained a lot, which other internet personalities are still striving.

Marzia Kjellberg
Marzia Kjellberg, Image Source: Twitter

Marzia was born on the 21st of October, 1992 in Arzignano, Italy. Talking about her nationality, she is Italian. She is known by the name CutiePieMarzia too. From her profession, she is not only an Internet personality; instead, she is a famous entrepreneur, fashion designer, and also a well-known writer too. As she has engaged herself in numerous fields, there is no doubt that she is doing well in her career. Married to Feliz Kjellberg, she lives a happy life with him.

To know more about the net worth, age, height, tattoos, and social media accounts of this famous internet personality, stick with us till the end.

Family of Marzia Kjellberg

Born in an Italian family, she grew up in Vicenza Italia. The name of her father is Marziano Bisognin, while the name of her mother is still unknown. However, her brother is Davide Bisognin. There is no other sufficient information about her family on the internet.

But, she mentioned about her mother once in an interview. She said that she had been a great fan of her closet since she was young. Also, she added that her mother is her most significant source of inspiration for her interest in the fashion world.

How many tattoos does she have?

Marzia Kjellberg Tattoo
Marzia’s tattoo, Image Source: Pinterest

As a tattoo freak, Marzia has a lot of tattoos. She has at least 17 known tattoos in her body. All the tattoos that she has in her body have a meaning which she has shared in her blog. This famous personality also had a matching tattoo with her husband Felix Kjellberg, who is generally known as Pewdiepie.

Body Measurements: Age and Height

The 27-year-old, beautiful, and bold Internet personality is one of the famous faces on Youtube. With the body measurements of about 5 feet and 5 inches height, which is approximately 1.66 meters and the weight of about 52 kilograms, she can gain a slim build, which suits her perfectly.

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Also, the measurements of her chest, hip, and waist, which is approximate, 34 inches, 34 inches, and 26 inches, respectively, which makes her look charming and adorable. With dark brown eyes and dark brown hair, she often flaunts her sexy looks.

The net worth of Marzia Kjellberg

With the excessive number of followers on Marzia’s Instagram page and Youtube account, there is no doubt that she does earn a huge amount of money. Reportedly, the famous Italian internet personality has a whopping net worth over $2 million. As per the SocialBlade, she is expected to earn between $648 – $10,000 as a yearly income from her YouTube Channel.

On the other hand, she does not make money from her social media accounts only. Also, she has a store in Depop in which she shares clothes along with home decor. It seems like she is adding a lot to her net worth from her store, as she sells fashionable outfits on it. Here’s a picture of her store.

Depop Store
Marzia’s Depop Store

As an entrepreneur and a fashion designer, she has launched clothing lines along with fashion accessories. In 2016, she designed daisy shoes via a project named Project Shoe. In the same year, she started a nail polish brand along with Zoya. Also, she got along with a clothing Lemon in the year 2017 and began a clothing line.

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In 2018, she came up with accessories for home and women, which includes jewelry and home decor. Along with her husband, she has a homeware brand too. Hence, it is quite clear that she is dreaming of collecting a massive amount of money working hard in her career.

Relationship with PewDiePie

Marzia Kjellberg is married to a famous YouTube personality, Felix Kjellberg, who is well known by the name PewDiePie. The link between these eminent personalities faced some storms, but they are sharing a happy married life now. While Felix was still in the early stages of his YouTube channel, PewDiePie found the love of his life.

Marzia followed the advice of one of her friends and watched the video of him. The vibe was so intense that she wanted to connect to him personally and ended up emailing him. Soon, this beautiful couple started dating. Then, they began to share a beautiful love life. Inspiring from him, Marzia also started her social media sites and started working on it.

Marzia Kjellberg and PewDiePie
Marzia Kjellberg and PewDiePie, Image Source: Metro

Because their relationship was not always about the ups, they had to face some storms too. However, they ended up marrying on the 19th of August, 2019. PweDiePie proposed to Marzia Kjellberg in April 2018. They got together after eight years of dating and knowing each other.

PewDie and Marzia Kjellberg
PewDie and Marzia Kjellberg on their Wedding, Image Source: Dexerto

Although they had been together for a long time and are quite celebrities, they did not celebrate their wedding ceremony with a blast. They had a very private wedding ceremony with some of their close friends and family attending the wedding. Although they did not share where their wedding took place, there are certain revelations that the wedding took place in Temperate House in London’s Kew Botanical garden.

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The Wedding Dress of Marzia

Marzia Kjellberg Wedding Dress
Marzia’s Wedding Dress, Image Source: Metro.Style

With a very fancy wedding desire, Marzia wore the dress of a well-known designer named Joanne Fleming. The wedding dress that she put on was a blush-colored wedding gown that looked adorable. With rich embroideries on the dress, Marzia was pleased to have her dream dress at her wedding.

What’s hot with PewDiePie and Marzia Kjellberg?

Marzia faced a deep cut on her finger while she was trying to open a food can. This incident made her face a painful injury. However, it was easy for her to cope with the injury because after spending about three weeks apart from Marzia, Felix planned a surprise for her on the valentines. With a beautiful ring, and a lovely card and the delicate gesture of a breakfast on the bed, he surprised his wife.