Life Lessons That We Can Learn From Ellen DeGeneres

Life Lessons That We Can Learn From Ellen DeGeneres

Most of us already know who Ellen DeGeneres is.

However, we don’t quite understand what made Ellen the person that she is now.

There are so many struggles that she has made to reach the place that she is at present.

So, there obviously are things your can learn from her.

Things haven’t been as easy for her as she has shown in the Ellen show.

Therefore, I have listed down things that I have learnt from Ellen DeGeneres and you should too:


Be comfortable in your own skin:

Ellen DeGeneres show

Ellen is a classic example of being comfortable with yourself. This is more prominent in The Ellen Show where you can see that she doesn’t care much about her appearance.

She is just simplistic and is comfortable being that way.

Even though her spouse Portia De Rossi is a little more conscious, Ellen is just naturally beautiful.

She is the perfect example of what is beautiful from the inside is beautiful from the inside.


Accept who you are:

Ellen DeGeneres show

If you’re a fan of the Ellen Show you probably know that Ellen has come out as lesbian.

She came out during her appearance in the Oprah Winfrey show.

Though this might have led to severe consequences to her career at that point, Ellen made sure that she was truthful.

She accepted herself and has been an inspiration for millions around the world.

She has motivated me to accept myself and be proud of who I actually am.


Be kind and Learn to love everyone:

Ellen DeGeneres show

Ellen DeGeneres is just so loving. You can see that she invites people from all around the world in her show.

She shows all the love and affection that she can to these people. She gives gifts and donations to people that need it.

And if you ask WHY? it is because she loves everyone.

She doesn’t discriminate or look down on anyone. She is just funny and kind.


Surround yourself with beautiful people:

Ellen DeGeneres show

If you follow her very truthfully, you know that the people that Ellen Degeneres surrounds herself with are very kind as well.

She tries to stay away from negativity and this is another thing that I have learnt from her.

She is friends with people that are positive and can spread love around the world.

Starting from her wife, she has people who are kind and beautiful from the inside.

Not just her friends but even her staffs at the Ellen Show are kind and beautiful.


You alone CAN make a difference:

Ellen made it through a very difficult phase in her life. She wasn’t always blessed with the money that she has right now.

She can up through her hardwork and dedication.

If she hadn’t cared about things and thought she couldn’t make changes alone, maybe all the projects that she has done till now wouldn’t have happened.

Starting with her coming out on the Oprah Winfrey show, Ellen DeGeneres has made continuous efforts.

She has invested herself in conservation of many animals as well.

If she had given up early in life, maybe whatever she has done till now would have never happened.


Dance it out:Ellen DeGeneres Show

If you are a regular viewer of the Ellen Show, you know that she enters the stage by dancing.

She dances with her audiences, her guests and staffs.

So, if I have learnt anything from the show alone, is to dance.

Dancing is one of the best ways to let out your emotions and fears and she shows it to us.


You are allowed love anyone:

After Ellen came out during the Oprah Winfrey Show, she became an example for all the LGBTQ community.

The issues that people faced, she at least had helped to tackle them out.

Ellen DeGeneres gave hope to all the other LGBTQ people. This gave people hope.

She taught us to accept ourselves and allow us to love whoever who we wanted to.


Giving doesn’t mean losing:Ellen DeGeneres Show

Most of the people end up not giving back because we fear that we will lose while doing that.

But Ellen is the perfect example of why giving is good.

On her show, Ellen gives out gifts to her audiences and guests almost every single day.

This shows that she has always been generous and kind. However, this has helped her even more than not giving.

When you give to people you receive the satisfaction that you might have never had if you kept it to yourself.

Ellen DeGeneres is clearly happier while giving out and we should be too.


Never Give up on yourself:

If you read about Ellen’s early life struggles you will understand that it wasn’t really easy for her.

She has faced many challenges to reach the place that she is in right now.

If she had given up at any of those points, I probably wouldn’t have been writing about her right now.

So, have some faith in yourself and Never Give Up.

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