Terms of Use

This agreement is solely in between Wikye.com and its USERS.

Wikye.com has the sole hegemony of the terms regarding the use of this site including all the pages governed by this website. This term is effective while any user is using this website is cent percent okay with all the conditions that are applied in this page.

If any user feels like there is some violations and feels inappropriate to use then we kindly request to avoid the use of this website.

Intellectual property Rights:

The contents and videos or any other items shared in page of wikey.com are solely the website’s property. Users or Visitors of Wikye.com has a defined authority of website use and certain restrictions to follow while engaging with contents in the website.

While using wikye.com, USERS has these certain restrictions:

  • User cannot publish the content of the website in any other platforms.
  • User should not display any website materials publicly as an advertisement medium or marketing medium.
  • User cannot use this website and its materials in such a way that harms the reputation of website.
  • User cannot commercialize the content, photos or videos of the websites without permission.

Wikye.com has certain restricted parts and there is a need of user acknowledgment of certain policies while in the use of websites.

Wikye.com believes that OUR Followers and users are our valuable assets and no any disrespectful violation of our set of codes is highly expected.

Wikye.com holds the sole authority in adjusting the terms of use at any time. Users who use the wikye.com are bound to follow any change or modification in Terms of use.

For any issues regarding any of our terms and conditions, please visit our Privacy Policy page.