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How to Be Happy in Life Through the Ups and Downs

How to Be Happy in Life

As human beings there are so many challenges we need to face.

If we want to make through them at life, we need to be able to take care of ourselves.

Things might seem a little dim when we are feeling low.

However, you can take various steps in order to avoid feeling that way.

If you wonder how to stay happy in life through your problems, this is the way:


Understand that healing takes time:

How to Be Happy in Life

W try to rush things as per our convenience.

But we should be able to understand that real healing isn’t that fast.

It takes time and effort. Healing yourself is a very tedious process.

It will involve a lot of meltdowns and feeling like shit.

However, real healing only happens when you decide to get up every time you are thrown down by your own emotions.

So, if you want to be happy in life, first understand how the process of healing takes time.


Focus on the positive:

How to Be Happy in Life

I know it might sound very redundant when I ask you to focus on the positive.

But with so much negativity all around, you should be able to control what you see.

Don’t give importance to things in your life that make you feel bad.

If anything embarrassing happens, try not to hold on to those memories.

Understand how big the universe is. Your problems will start to seem so irrelevant to yourself. This will provide you the boost of energy.


Accept your imperfections and don’t let them fear you:

How to Be Happy in Life

If you really want to know how to be happy in life, you must be able to look at your imperfections and not let them get the best of you.

This is so common among people with lower self esteem.

But there is no point looking at the things you are not able to do.

If you are someone like me, you drown yourself with the thought of not being capable enough.

We judge ourselves on the basis of things we are NOT GOOD AT. Let me tell you something, this is absolutely incorrect.

There is no point blaming yourself for things that are not under your control.

Don’t give it so much importance and focus on the things that give you power.


Don’t stress yourself out, find a balance:

How to Be Happy in Life

Another most common problem is that we try to do too much.

There is a limit on how much a human mind and body can take.

Although it might seem like the best thing to do, don’t wear yourself out.

This will give you a sense of dissatisfaction even if you love the thing that you are doing.

If you want to learn how to become happy in life, start giving yourself enough breaks. Try to maintain work-life balance.


Do the things you love:

How to Be Happy in Life

It might not be possible for everyone of us to make a living out of the things that we love doing.

However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot keep other hobbies.

Try to take breaks from your regular work and treat yourself with things that actually interest you.

This will help you refresh your mind.


Take responsibility for your actions but don’t blame yourself all the time:

Most of us who blame ourselves for everything end up becoming the main source of dissatisfaction to oneself.

Having this kind of feeling can make you feel like you don’t deserve praise even when you did your best.

There are times when you need to take responsibilities but anything that might go wrong.

But don’t try to take the blame for everything. Have some faith in the things you do and the efforts you use to make something workout.


Stay true to yourself:

You can lie about how you have been to anyone else.

But when it comes to yourself, you know when you are not feeling right.

If you think you are not feeling particularly right, take a break.

Try doing something that will make you happy.

Don’t try to change yourself for others and don’t even try to fit in.

If you are right for something, you won’t have to change yourself.


Write down your emotions:

How to Be Happy in Life

If you want a fundamental key on how to keep yourself happy in life, this will be the one thing to always do.

It might not be possible to find other people to share your emotions with.

It is not necessary that others will understand even if you share.

I have realized this for myself that writing actually helps a lot.

When you are in some kind of pain, try jotting in down on ink.

This will give you the satisfaction of sharing it with someone.

But this will keep your secrets safe with you.

Additionally when you recover from the situation, it can give you an idea of how you really felt.


Live in the moment but make peace with your past:

Don’t get stuck in a whirlpool of past memories. There is no point thinking about the things that have already happened.

Try to understand how it happened and how you can stop the same things from happening in the future.

But don’t stop yourself from having fun due to that. When you accomplish something, try to enjoy it.

Don’t worry about what will happen in the future. And don’t even dare to think about what had happened in the past.

If something good is happening in a moment enjoy it in the present.

Similarly, if something bad is happening, understand that it will pass away and that it is just temporary.


Along with the above major tips, you should try to incorporate these things into your life.

If you really want to know how to be happy in life, do these things and you will slowly see the changes:


  1. Seek guidance and make strong connections with others.

  2. Treat your smallest victories and show yourself love.

  3. Give back and be grateful.

  4. Try to find solace in music.

  5. Be careful with your relationships.

  6. Try to remember the happy times.

  7. Keep yourself prepared for the future mishaps.

  8. Don’t overreact and manage your expectations well.

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