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Lilly Singh: The First Lady Host to A Late Night Show

Lilly Singh Youtube

Lilly Singh is now the first woman to host a late night show on television since Cynthia Garrett and Joan Rivers.

Most of us know Lilly Singh by her YouTube name, Superwoman.

But now she has grown to host a show on television named A little late with Lilly Singh.

Lilly Singh started her career from YouTube and now she is among a few females in history to ever host a late night TV show.


Growing up as Lilly Singh

Lilly Singh

Born in 1988, she was name Lilly Saini Singh.

She grew up in Toronto with her Punjabi Family.

She has said couple of times that she was an extrovert growing up.

Her dream of becoming a power ranger or a rapper led her to this career.

She was given a traditional sikh upbringing by her parents.

Also her parents wanted her to get a college degree in psychology despite her wanting to do something else.

However, while a student at York University Toronto, she started posting her YouTube videos.



The youtube start graduate her high school from Lester B. Pearson Collegiate Institute on 2006.

Lilly Singh graduated with a degree in Bachelors of Arts, Psychology from York University toronto on 2010.

She lived with her parents, until her mid 20’s in Ontario, Canada. Later she moved to Los Angeles to develop her career.


Lilly’s Early Career

Lilly Singh as Youtuber

First, Lilly started her career with the help of her YouTube channel.

She started this channel on October 2010. During this time Lilly was fighting with Depression.

She used her time and skills to produce something that made her happy.

Her growth on YouTube was gradual. However, slowly she got attention from all around the world.

After a few years, her subscribers grew into millions.

Lilly used to post videos about her Indian Parents. She acted funny skits that Indian people thought was relatable.

She also shot videos that was influenced by her upbringing at Canada. Her way towards becoming popular was through being relatable.

She grew up Punjabi, so she shared her culture and problems through funny sketches. It was difficult not to start loving her instantly.

Lilly Singh also started shooting her videos with other youtubers with similar content.

But slowly even Bollywood celebrities like Madhuri Dixit started starring in her videos.

This helped her reach the people who she had not initially.

Bit by bit as her followers grew, even the Hollywood stars started featuring in her videos.

And in no time she ended up with millions of subscribers.

Later on she went on the open her own production house called Unicorn Island Production.


Lilly Singh Coming Out

Lilly Singh coming out

The YouTube famous Canadian, came out to the world about her bisexuality via instagram and twitter.

Lilly Singh wrote about her struggles as a woman of color, being a female and also her sexual orientation.

Since then she has expressed her feelings outfront and she has continued to do so even on her show.

Her fans were thrilled to understand her this way and needlessly they supported her throughout.

It was very brave her to express herself in the social media.

The issues of taboo regarding a sexual orientation of people still is present in the Indian Subcontinent.

And it was nothing but brave of her to come out in such a way.


Superwoman Now: A Little Late with Lilly Singh

Lilly Singh

She gave out the news about her show during her interview with on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on his show.

On her announcement she said how she was getting her own late night show on NBC.

She also announced the name of her show. She expressed how she was so excited and honored.

Now the NBC Late Night Family consists of Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers and Lilly Singh.

She is the first Indian-Canadian to get a chance to host this show.

And the lovely Jimmy also gave her an advice for her show “Just be yourself”.

After her announcement she got lots and lots of support and congratulations from around the world.

Later on the show, Seth Meyers also crashed the show and congratulated Lilly Singh on being on the team.

Lilly Singh’s first episode on the show aired on the 16th of September. Her first guest on the show was Mindy Kaling.


Now and Moving Forward

Now, the Late night show host has 14.9 million YouTube subscribers on the main YouTube channel.

And her YouTube followers count on her channel from the show: A little late with Lilly Singh is also growing.

It would be very interesting to find her grow her fan base through her show and continue to create laughter and happiness.