Who is Charlotte Awbery? How Did She Become Famous?

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There would hardly be one who has not heard the Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s Oscar-winning song, Shallow. The album of the song, A Star Is Born, has helped to change the lives of many people. Charlotte Awbery surprised the world with her incredible voice after singing the rendition of Shallow while commuting in a London subway station.

Her video went viral after Charlotte was challenged to a game ‘finish the lyrics’. She completed her challenge after belting the song and invited on The Ellen Degeneres Show. Shortly after her video went viral, Charlotte’s Instagram followers also increased drastically as she has over 532k followers on her profile.

Let’s find out in detail about how she gathered fame overnight. Here’s what you need to know.

How Charlotte Awbery Become Famous?

If one knows how to respond instant in any situation, then it doesn’t take a long for anyone to grab fame within some moments. Charlotte Awbery, a normal citizen of London, was leading her way to meet her friend. Suddenly, she encountered a random guy, Kevin Freshwater who was there playing a challenge game with random people. After Kevin challenged Charlotte, she shocked him with her voice.

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Until now, Awbery’s singing video has over 60 million views which also helped the Shallow song to re-enter into the top 40 on iTunes. After the video went viral, her Instagram followers increased to 532,000.

Charlotte Awbery while performing Shallow song on the Ellen Degeneres Show
Charlotte Awbery while performing Shallow song on the Ellen Degeneres Show
Image Source: YouTube

Not only this but Charlotte made her way to The Ellen DeGeneres Show for an interview where she again sang the song on 26th February 2020. Surprisingly, she didn’t know that her video has been viewed by over 60 million times. She also thanked Ellen for inviting her on the show. Some people had a doubt that Charlotte staged the viral video, however, she denied it.

Awbery mentioned:

I’m absolutely overwhelmed by all of this. My dad always said to me, Wherever you are, just sing. Never ever give up. And he was right.

On the Ellen Degeneres Show, Kevin Freshwater also shared his reaction on Awbery’s voice saying:

She just blew me away. I was just in shock. She deserves this. I was come to tears then, watching you sing. You deserve this.

Charlotte Awbery with Ellen DeGeneres on her show
Charlotte Awbery with Ellen DeGeneres on her show
Image Source: YouTube

For her performance on the Ellen show, Ellen also appreciated her talent and liked her story very much. With no doubt, Awbery lastly found a huge platform to express her love for music and will surely come up with amazing projects in the near future.

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Who is Charlotte Awbery?

Charlotte Awbery is a British singer. On the Ellen Degeneres Show, she revealed that she is a professional singer and has been performing at weddings, pubs, and restaurants for 15 years. Prior to her viral video, she has posted singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” on her Instagram account. Her fanbase is named Charlotte’s Web. The rising star will surely grab huge attention from the world in the near future. Besides, she is currently 30 years old and resides in Romford, England, UK.

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