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Gardening: 5 Tips For First-Time Gardeners

5 Tips For First-Time Gardeners

There are many benefits of investing time in gardening. Notably, the benefits can range from enhancing the mood to reducing feelings of stress or frustration. Also, it helps to improve physical wellbeing, self-confidence, and even self-esteem. According to the WHO, good health simply means a lack of adverse health conditions. Additionally, good health also suggests the presence of positive emotions, quality of life, sense of community, and happiness.

It is no surprise that in prisons, clinics, nursing homes, community centers, and at-risk youth centers, gardens are working as a bridge for interactive health and healing. Considering all these benefits, we have come up with tips on how to be successful in outdoor gardening. Well, wishing for something and working to make it happen is a different thing. So make sure you are following the mentioned tips if you have a dream to have a beautiful garden at your house.

Now let’s dive into the 5 Fear-Conquering Tips For First Time Gardeners:

1. Don’t Panic

Gardening is a life-long learning experience relating to your local climate and the needs of your plants. Over time you’re going to get so much more tuned in to how to care for a wide range of plants in your particular growing area, but it’s best not to dream big when you start first.

Beginners guide to gardening
Don’t panic when you start gardening
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In the beginning, gardening might be frustrating, and you can lose some plants. However, it better to take it easy and think it’s just a part of gardening. Gardening can be fantastic in one year and also it can be tough in the next. However, making everything small and simple gives you the best chance for success.

2. Make A Garden Your Gym

Think of the garden as a gymnasium. Step out and get stuck in a few maintenance projects that you’ve put off. Heavy landscaping will burn significant calories per hour, such as shifting rocks or carrying soil or even mowing the lawn.

Beginners guide for gardening
Make a garden your Gym
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Well, the more you spend your time nurturing your garden, the more you will get surprised in the future. So make sure you are not missing on spending your time when preparing the area for gardening. Doing this not only helps you in gardening but also helps you to stay fit and healthy.

3. Location Plays A Vital Role

You need an area that gets at least 6 hours of maximum sunshine; however, there are a couple of plants that can survive with less sunlight. Also, it’s crucial to find the area for gardening close to your house, and importantly, water such must be near to it.

Tips for first time gardening
Find the area for gardening close to your house
Source: canr.msu.edu

Additionally, a number 1 mistake committed by first-time gardeners is starting gardening in a huge space. As a result, one can quickly get frustrated when it comes to the maintenance of the garden. So when you decide to begin the journey of gardening, it’s important to act smart while choosing the space.

4. Don’t Forget To Test Your Soil

Growing plants are not simply about throwing seeds into the soil. While you can purchase test kits, I highly suggest you take the help of professionals to check if the soil is good enough for the project. For your information, this service is provided by the local cooperative extension office, and the result of the soil test is expected to come out within ten days.

Tips for first time gardening
Take the help of professionals to check if the soil is good enough
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The result outlines the list of the elements and nutrients in your soil with suggestions on how to make optimum production in that soil. If you have that knowledge, you can start preparing your garden area by tilling or turning the soil and removing all the grasses, woods and rocks and adding the necessary modifications like compost, fertilizer or lime.

5. How To Plant? Maintenance After Planting Is Important

Here comes the fun! It’s time to get dirty and get those rows spread out. You may use twine to hold the rows straight as a plumb line. When you are planting seeds, read and follow the instructions on the back of the packet and keep the area moist as they start germinating and growing.

tips for first time gardening
When you are planting seeds, read and follow the instructions on the back of the packet
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You will need to do some additional thinning once the plants are up, and this is hard to do as a newbie gardener. Using plant markers, keeping a diary, and making a diagram will help to know where you’ve planted. Keeping seed packet in the place you planted the seed will help to find out, remember what variety you planted.


Gardening is an ongoing process of learning which poses new challenges every season. You’re going to make several mistakes because everybody faces it. But don’t worry, you’re still going to have plenty of plant products for you, your kids, and some of your neighbors too!

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