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Exercise: Types, Benefits, Routine, and How it Works

Exercise: Types, Benefits, Routine, and How it Works

Exercise has numerous health benefits and it is key to fit life. However, we limit ourselves by doing one or two types of exercise. Any bodily activities strengthen our muscles and the cardiovascular system exercise boost our internal immune system. Besides, exercising daily prevents us from harmful diseases.

So how many types of exercise are there? What is considered a good workout? Here we have listed some of the well-designed exercises which will help you to lose weight and maintain your physics in a great way. Follow the topic to the end to figure out different kinds of exercise.

1. Stretching

Before doing any sort of exercise we must first prepare our body. Moreover, stretching (20-40) minutes early in the morning rejuvenate our energy. One must prepare his/her body before indulging in the intense training. So Stretching helps to maintain flexibility.


The Basic stretching program, isha
The Basic stretching procedure, Bending, isha

As we age our muscle flexibility also deteriorates. So to avoid the risk for muscle cramps, joint pain, and strains we should stretch our body daily. So how to learn stretching? there are many types of stretching programs. But basic stretching such as bending and touching the toe for several cycles. Also, Cat-Cow stretch will do great to the body.

 2. Pushups

Pushups are very beneficial to our body which gives strength to our arms, chest, and whole upper part of the body. Further, there are two types of pushups one is ancient and the other one is traditional. Pushups exercise builds our strength and muscle fibers in a fast way.

Proper technique of push ups exercises gif
Proper technique of push-ups exercises gif

So how to do proper pushups, Exercise?

  1. Start in a plank position. Bend the elbow slowly and pull your shoulders down.
  2. When you are almost to the ground, stretch your elbow and return to the starting positions.
  3. Well, the ancient pushups designed in such a way that you should exhale the breath in a plank position and continue doing pushup in a single breath.

If you have a problem with your strength than just apply modified forms of pushups. You can take the support of your knee while doing pushup exercise. You will get lots of benefits doing this exercise and the important thing is you will look good in better shape.

3. Squats

Squats develop our lower body and it also helps to build strength in our legs, hips, and calf. Also, doing squats daily builds our muscles and also it will burn our body’s calories very fast.


Shaping up with squats, Gif
Shaping up with squats, gifs

So how to do Squats Properly?

  1. first Stand straight with your legs widely apart but not too far. It should be a little more than shoulder-width.
  2. Imagine you are going to sit in a chair. Maintain balance keeping your spine, chin-ups straight.
  3. Ensure while bending, your thigh should be parallel to the ground. Hold down for (3-5) second in a sitting position and go back to starting position.


4. Dumbbell presses

The dumbbell presses are a majestic workout that helps to build large pectorals. It is a traditional exercise for developing a strong and bigger shoulder. Besides, it also builds our upper chest too. So How to Do the Dumbbell Chest Press?

Dumbbell presses gifs
Dumbbell presses gifs


  1. Lie on the bench, keeping two dumbbells just above your chest, holding it strong.
  2. Push your dumbbell forward, stretching your elbow and hold it for 5 seconds with slow breathing.
  3. Do the repetition of 3 cycles where each cycle consists of 12 reps.

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5. Balance Exercises

It is very important to remain balanced while performing cardio or lifting weight because you might get injured. It is more important to work out in a balanced fashion. As we get older our perception, leg muscles tend to break quickly.

“The good news is that training your balance can help prevent and reverse these losses,” says Wilson.

Many gym and yoga center offers us balance and focused exercise routines, such as angamardana, kriya yoga, and tai chi. Also, you can go to a physical therapist who can teach you the proper way of balancing your body. Well, the prescribed exercise taught by the therapist will fix your weakness.

“That’s especially important if you’ve had a fall or a near-fall, or if you have a fear of falling,” explains Wilson.

Balancing exercise, Isha Hatha yoga
Balancing exercise, Isha Hatha yoga

Standing on one foot or going heel-toe, with open or closed eyes, are the traditional balancing exercises. Besides, the physical therapist should focus on joint stability, walk on uneven surfaces and strengthen leg muscles with squats and leg lifts. More important get proper physical training from an expert who is indulged in yoga, gym for a long period.

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