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COVID-19 Alert: 37 Wedding Guests Found Infected Positive From COVID-19 At Jimmy Niggles’ Marriage Ceremony

The world spreading pandemic, COVID-19 is catching more and more peoples around the world now. In this situation, everyone is supposed to cancel all their programs and events that gathers a huge mass. At the wedding of Jimmy Niggles, 37 marriage attendants found positive for coronavirus (COVID-19). The reports came after the guests attended an NSW wedding.

Jimmy Niggles, the bridegroom aged 37 tied the knot with the bride, Emma Metcalf aged 36. Their marriage ceremony held at Tumbling Waters Retreat, south of Sydney. After the news of the virus found in guests, the internet got filled with the headlines for COVID-19 alert. Let’s find out the present conditions of the patients who found COVID-19 positive along with the events happened during their marriage ceremony.

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37 Wedding Attendants Found COVID-19 Positive

As we mentioned earlier, Jimmy Niggles (the bridegroom) and Emma Metcalf (the bride) had their marriage on 6th March 2020, after the COVID-19 began to spread in different countries. Their marriage ceremony was held at Tumbling Waters Retreat, based in the south of Sydney. Their wedding was attended by nearly 120 guests that also included their family members, close relatives, and friends.

Jimmy Niggles aka Scott Maggs wedded with Emma Metcalf on 6th March 2020 where 37 guests found infected from COVID-19
Jimmy Niggles aka Scott Maggs wedded with Emma Metcalf on 6th March 2020 where 37 guests found infected from COVID-19
Image Source: New Idea

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Following the celebration, some of the guests didn’t feel well. After some time, there came a shocking story as 37 wedding guests found positive for coronavirus after the test. An NSW Health spokesman said,

NSW Health has worked with other states and territories to notify attendees at a wedding held at Stanwell Tops on March 6 of their potential exposure to COVID-19 and the need to quarantine themselves until March 20.

Jimmy and his wife seem to be waiting for their test results for COVID-19 after returning from their honeymoon in the Maldives. One of the guests at their wedding, Sally Hawach, a 30 weeks pregnant lady also tested positive. She went to her Instagram and captioned the post,

As you can imagine this is extremely stressful. I am 30 weeks pregnant and have a 2yo and a 1yo. My 1yo is showing signs of COVID also and is extremely sick. I am very distressed at the thought of having possibly infected anyone. I have contacted everyone I think I have been in touch with. But please if you have been in contact with me since March 6th or anyone with COVID or you show signs of sickness please self isolate.

She moreover added in her caption,

Self isolate anyway. If you’ve been in touch with a confirmed case and show signs of COVID please do a test immediately. COVID is serious. COVID can be lethal and it is spreading fast. Let’s stay calm but please also take isolation seriously and look out for those around us. Sending love to all.

Their wedding ceremony at the venue also caused problems for the owner of the venue as the government has stopped their business so that the infection doesn’t affect more people.

What did the Bridegroom Said?

The bridegroom of the wedding, Jimmy Niggles aka Scott Maggs said the news,

turned our world upside down, we just did not see it coming. Throughout all this our priority was to bunker down and take care of each other, to keep in contact with everyone and try to get through all the craziness … it has been a hectic and difficult time …, it was not what we were expecting to have to deal with after our wedding, which was perfect.

Jimmy Niggles aka Scott Maggs had not expected the result
Jimmy Niggles aka Scott Maggs had not expected the result
Image Source: Daily Mail

Niggles and his wife were not expecting anything like this coming to them. After the guests at their wedding found positive, the news shocked the whole world. There started people coming confirming their COVID-19 cases on their social media. During an interview with SMH on Friday afternoon, Scott revealed:

It’s insane. We were kissing and hugging people all night. We can’t explain it let alone believe it. Well, We started planning the wedding months ago. There was no hysteria or bans on March 6, it just wasn’t on the radar. 

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The COVID-19 is growing as one of the dangerous epidemics of the world, so we all need to be aware of this virus. We, the Wikye team also wish best for the world and let us together fight with the growing epidemic with our best immunity powers.

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