7 Places to Go If the World is Ending.

One of the biggest lessons we could learn in our life is that everything comes to an end. From the shows we watch to the relationships we have, our life, and also the world we live in.

That’s right, even the world we live in will eventually come to an end. Sure, there are still billions of years for that to happen. But, from the way we’re living right now, I’m won’t be surprised if it ends tomorrow.

Really hoping that it won’t end tomorrow, but if the current climate change rate and the possibility of World War III continues, I can’t say for the next 50 years.

I can also say that people are really brave at times. Look at us and all the things we’ve been through.

We’ve evolved to be one of the most intelligent beings on the planet. We’ve survived apocalypses, crises, and whatnot.

Now, it is all in the past. And one thing that’s certain is how unpredictable the future is.

And seeing how we’ve done very little to change the state of our living, the end of the world doesn’t just seem like a bad movie idea.

But wait, what if the world was really ending? What if the earth can no longer bear what us humans have been doing to it lately? Will we survive the blow and if we do where should we go and keep ourselves safe?

If these are the questions you have in your mind, here are 7 places to go if the world is ending.

The Isle of Lewis.

The Scottish island is situated at the northern part of Lewis and Harris, the largest island of the Western Isles or Outer Hebrides archipelago.

It has an abundant amount of natural resources, especially the wind, cool and moist climate, and amazing farmlands.

It also has great tasting food and a lot of whiskeys.

The Isle of Lewis is positioned in such a way that it makes it ideal for avoiding any wars (or zombie apocalypse).

And the population of the place is 18,500.

So, if you’re looking for a safe place to hide, this could be it.

Tristan da Cunha.

Tristan da Cunha is a group of volcanic as well as the main island in the south of Atlantic Ocean.

It is actually the most remote inhabited archipelago in the entire world.

It is known for its commercial fishing and they only have a population of 250 people

And you can completely shut yourself from the outer world because they don’t have the internet on the island.


Bern is the de facto capital of Switzerland. It is surrounded by the beautiful Swiss Alps and was formed by glaciers during the most recent ice age.

And for decades it is known for remaining neutral in every major conflict in Europe.

So if the world decides to go on a war, you know where to take your next flight.

Kansas City.

Kansas City sits in the border between the U.S. states of Missouri and Kansas.

The city doesn’t fall on either of the coastlines so there isn’t a lot of fuss about the rising sea level.

This also makes it safer from foreign invasion.

Kansas City is at the intersection of several rail lines making transportation easily available.

And it has plenty of suitable farmland great for raising grain and livestock.


Another place in the United States that could probably withstand an apocalypse is Denver.

It is the capital of Colorado and the most populous municipality as well.

The city of Denver has access to shale-oil reserves, which means an abundant amount of fuel.

It is exactly one mile (5280 ft.) above sea level and surrounded by mountains making it the perfect place to go in case of the rising sea level.


I know what you’re thinking, how is Antarctica a place to go in case of a global crisis, right?

Well, the fact that it is one of the most inhospitable places in the world makes it the perfect hideout spot.

Especially when the world is at war and everyone is looking to kill one another.

The only thing you need to figure out is how to get there with enough food that’ll help you survive the cold temperature.

But again, if it’s global warming that’s behind the end of the world, you might want to change locations.


Which brings us to the most favorable places in the entire world in case of any disaster, Iceland.

It is one of the most isolated countries in Europe and at the same time the most advanced.

It has its own geothermal energy which is the major source of power in the whole country.

Iceland has an abundant amount of seafood anywhere in the world. And it has been able to survive the financial crisis when their banking system nearly collapsed totally.

Plus the Aurora makes it a place you must visit. So, in case of an apocalypse or crisis, Iceland is the best place to escape to.

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