This Is The Most Unique McDonald’s Restaurant In The World

This Is The Most Unique McDonald’s Restaurant In The World

McDonald’s is one of the world’s most recognized and loved fast-food chains. There are over 39,000 McDonald’s restaurants all over the world. In the US alone, there are over 13,000 chains of the fast-food company. There are some McDonald’s restaurants in strange locations. One of the strange locations of McDonald’s restaurant is in Taupo, New Zealand. It is located inside a decommissioned plane. 

Furthermore, the restaurant is glass-wall and has receive awards for its architecture. Customers can sit and enjoy their food in air-plane-style seating. Also, they can view the D3 plane’s cockpit. 

About the Unique Features of McDonald Restaurant:

The restaurant has a dining room inside of a decommissioned Douglass DC-3 plane. The place is home to McDonald’s. Furthermore, it can fit 20 dinners at 10 tables in the dining room.

The table is topped with the list of the world’s coolest daily meals of McDonald’s in 2013. Also, it has got a lot of publicity. According to the owner Eileen Byren, the local people were proud of the restaurant. 

As the restaurant has become a landmark of New Zealand. In mid-May, the restaurant reopened in New Zealand. The restaurant reopens without new cases of COVID-19 report after three consecutive days. 

McDonald’s Restaurant in Different Locations:


The oldest surviving restaurant location is in Downey California. It still looks the same as it first opened. The customer should walk up to the windows to order as it doesn’t have a drive-thru. 

The location in Hangzhou china is the most controversial outlet in the world. However, the restaurant was open in 2015 and has become a tourist attraction. As it reflects Western commercialism Chinese culture welcoming visitors from all over the world. 

The restaurant location of Hangzhou Chian is located inside a 90-year-old villa. The building was known as a cultural relic before being converted into McDonald’s. During the 1940s, it was the residence of the politician Chiang Ching-Kuo for a month. 

Airplane Food in New Zealand:

In Taupo, New Zealand, there is a different meaning of Airplane food. The small resort town on the North Island is home to the world’s most unique restaurant location. As it is attached to the decommissioned airplane. 

However, you can’t order your food from the old Douglas. The counter is located next door and 20 diners can wait inside the aircraft. This feature is still the original cockpit behind a glass door. 

The logo displays on the exterior of the plane. For over 30 years it has had its current spot and used to advertise the car dealership and Aeroplane Car company. However, in 1990, it was purchase by McDonald’s and made part of that location. 

About the Plane:

The plane was build in 1943 and began working as a passenger plane in Australia until 1961. The plane had few roles when it was in the New Zealand Post office. However, 1n 1984, it retires after clocking 56,282 flying hours.

The new location has become a landmark in Newzealand and got a lot of publicity. Even the locals are proud of the restaurant. Furthermore, it is a constant sight and feature in various travel brochures. 

There are many planes left as it was, save for engines removal, 10 two-top tables, and Golden Arches. But, this plane is transformed into a unique restaurant. Leading for a playground for kids, the unique dining room is accessible using a stairway near the tail. 

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