What are the Features of iPhone 11 that iPhone X Doesn’t Have

Finally Apple’s new iPhone 11 will be launched this September and people are way too much excited to know about the details.

On September 10, the company unveiled three much awaited new iPhone models.

Each new iPhone model has a unique set of attributes that appeals to different users based on their needs.

The new iPhone 11 is considered as a successor to the iPhone XR and just like iPhone XR, this model has a 6.1-inch display with LCD screen.

It’s also the most competitively prices of iPhone 11 which begins at $699 and goes on according to the storage size.

Seems like iPhone 11 will offer bag full of surprises for its users like never before.

So, are you ready to ditch your iPhone X or other older model in favor of the shiny new iPhone 11?

Well, it might be hard to make a decision so quick which is completely reasonable because each and every models of iPhone are worth it.

So, today we will make your decision-making process a little bit easier by showing you the features of new iPhone 11 which the old iPhone X doesn’t have.

Here are the biggest differences between the iPhone X and iPhone 11 that you will definitely want to be aware of.


New Colors

There are millions of people around the world who consider color first rather than the features of a mobile phone.

When it comes to the ios 11, users will have privilege to choose among much larger selection of fun colors than they did in iPhone X.

iPhone X came up with only two simple color choices silver and space grey.

However, the new Apple iPhone 11 will surprisingly come up in six fun colors: black, white, purple, green, yellow, and red.

If you are a person who wants to show your personality to the world through your color choice, the new ios 11 is perfect for you.


Upgrades in the Camera

One of the most loved and trusted features of Apple’s every iPhone model is the camera.

And whenever a new iPhone gets launched camera is the feature where users get anticipated on.

This year, unlike iPhone X or any other iPhone models, iPhone 11 has a dual camera system.

It literally has two camera lenses on the backside.

One lens is a 12mp wide camera, which takes gorgeous high-quality wide-angle photos.

And the second is a new ultra-wide camera that has a 120 degree field of view.

The second lens will allow you to frame your shots with much more of the scene around you without compromising any of the photo’s detail or quality.

Additionally, the dual camera of ios 11 also comes with all sorts of smart upgrades.

The upgrades includes the ability to more intelligently identify subjects and relight them accordingly for overall better photos.


Video Updates

The iPhone 11 doesn’t have perks over the camera only.

There are some really fun new video functions that comes in handy to the users that iPhone X didn’t have.

Firstly, according to the live stream, iPhone 11 has the highest-quality video of any smartphone out there.

One of the new feature called “QuickTake” will allow you to quickly and easily record short videos without switching toggles in your camera app.

Another feature of ios 11 is the ability to record slow-motion footage on the front facing camera, resulting in what Apple referred to as a “Slofie”.


Longer Battery Life

If you are a person who constantly need to charge your phone, iPhone 11 is perfect for you.

This Apple model swooping in to help you make the most of your phone’s battery life by ensuring it’s a longer one than any other iPhone models.

According to the Apple event, the iPhone 11’s “all day battery life” is longer than any other models.

And will be one hour longer than even the iPhone XR’s battery life, which at the time, had the longest battery life of any smartphone.


Cheaper than Previous Models


The new iPhone 11 price is much cheaper than any other models launched by Apple.

A new ios 11 clocks in at $699, which, for a brand-new model’s launch seems pretty reasonable for users.

It is especially reasonable when compared to the iPhone X’s launch which was priced $999, making it the most expensive new iPhone model.

So, with considering these things in mind don’t hesitate to take a dive into iPhone 11’s world.

If buying a new iPhone at $699 is still a question for you, the trade-in price for the iPhone 11 drops down to as low as $399, or $17 per month.


Final Words


Having a brand new phone is a new trend these days and iPhone 11 is worth it for the trend right now.

However, it’s not always worth for all to ditch their old phone as soon as a new one arrives in the market.

Switching to new iPhone 11 from iPhone X just depends on your interest, functions and the model.

Take a note though, this article is just a comparison between iPhone X and iPhone 11.

So, you have three different options to choose before iPhone 11 gets launched on September 20.