Animals Which Are Exact Copies Of Your Preferred Animated Film Characters

Animals which are exact copies of your preferred animated film characters

If you often watch an animated movie, then you might be familiar with the similar copies of animated film characters. Additionally, the impressive blending effect shown in the movie theater gets our mind to orgasm. Further, the world around us is an incredible source of inspiration.

To prove this to you, we show you some of the famous characters from our favorite animated movies that have real-life counterparts. Moreover, the cartoon character generally draws our attention when we compare it with real animals. This list contains the animated version of real animals. Stay tuned and follow the article until the end.

1. Mufasa and Simba: The Lion King

In the 1994 animated film The Lion King, Mufasa was a significant character. He was the Pride Lands king and Simba’s father. Moreover, Mufasa was assassinated during his reign, in an attempt to steal the throne by the younger, envious brother Scar.

These 14 Animals Are Exact Copies of Our Favorite Animated Movie Characters, Mufasa and Simba
“Remember who you are. You are my son and the one true king.”
―Mufasa to his son, Mufasa, and Simba, Walt Disney, Imgur

Mufasa remains in the memories of his loved ones, despite his death. His soul appeared to guide his descendants in the clouds and the star.

2. Master Shifu: Kung Fu Panda

Shifu, Kung Fu Panda, Animals which are exact copies of your preferred animated film characters
If you only do what you can do, you will never be more than you are now. ” Shifu, Kung Fu Panda, DreamWorks Animation, Imgur

Master Shifu is one of Kung Fu Panda’s most important trainers and supporters. Also, he is today’s Jade Palace senior master and trainer of many Kungfu warriors, including Po (the Warrior of the Dragon), the Furious Five, and Tai Lung.

3. Tod and Copper: The Fox and The Hound


Tod and Copper
Tod and Copper, Walt Disney, Imgur

Fox and the Hound is an American animated movie by Walt Disney Productions, produced in 1981 and based freely on Daniel P. Mannix’s novel of the same name. Tod became motherlessness; Big Mama, owl character arranges a kind farmer called Widow Tweed to adopt the tod.

Tod and Copper met each other and became best friends. Slade is annoyed by Copper, as he continually wanders around and keeps him on a leash.

4. Pua: Moana

These 14 Animals Are Exact Copies of Our Favorite Animated Movie Characters, pau
Pau, Moana, Walt Disney, depositphotos

In the 2016 animated movie Moana, Pua is a secondary character. He’s Moana’s best friend and pot-belly pet pig. Pau is characterized as a loving and loyal pet with energetic and innocent puppy minded.

Matter of fact, he cares for Moana’s happiness a lot. Pau is always with Moana’s ambitions, assisting her all from his heart. He never hesitates to accept the difficult challenge even it is dangerous and life-threatening to him.

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5. Kenai and Koda: Brother Bear

Kenai and Koda is the Brother Bear animated character, produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation. In the film, Kenai, an Inuit boy, takes revenge on a bear that provoked the murder of his oldest brother Sitka.


Kenai and Koda Brother Bear
Kenai and Koda Brother Bear, Walt Disney, deposit photos

Also, Kenai pursues and kills the bear. However, the spirits of a bear, angry with this unnecessary death, turn Kenai into a bear himself as a punishment. Kenai should travel to the mountain where the light of the north touches the earth again to be human.

6. Sylvester: The Looney Tunes Show

Sylvester James Pussycat is a tuxedo cat who sometimes found chasing Tweety, Speedy Gonzales, or Hippety Hopper, featuring in numerous looney-tune animated cartoons. He hangs out with a porky pig. Also, portrays mainly with his owner, Granny.

Sylvester, The Looney Tunes Shows, Animals which are exact copies of your preferred animated film characters
The Looney Tunes Shows- Sylvester, Warner Bros, Instagram

Sylvester shows a great amount of pride and jealousy, and even he never gives up. Sylvester was definitely on the “lesser side” of the Looney Tunes winner/loser hierarchy, notwithstanding his pride and diligence.

7. Po: Kung fu Panda

The main character of the Kung Fu Panda series is Master Po Ping. He is the adopted kid of Mr.ping. In the animated movie, his birth father (biological) is Li Shan and his lovely wife, who died in the battle. Besides, Kung fu panda is one of the students of Master Shifu.

Po: Kung fu Panda
“ Skadoosh! ” Po: Kung fu Panda, DreamWorks Animation, depositphotos

Po was born in the village, and his parents were murdered in a massacre. He was found by Mr.ping, a noodle shop owner, and eventually adopted him as a son. Unwavering enthusiasm toward kung fu led him to became Dragon Warrion under the guidance of Master Shifu.

8. Marlin and Dory: Finding Nemo

Marlin is the animated star of Disney / Pixar’s 2003 movie, Finding Nemo. He is a clownfish who makes his base in the Great Barrier Reef, inside a sea anemone. He used to have a friend called Coral, who died in a barracuda attack, who he names Nemo.

Marlin and Dory Finding Nemo
“Daddy’s got you. I promise I will never let anything happen to you, Nemo.” Marlin and Dory Finding Nemo, Pixar, Imgur

On the screen, Marlin appears to be neurotic, nervous, and cynical, thinking that Nemo can’t swim well, but surprisingly, he can swim well. Regarding personality, Marling was a very playful, loving, happy, and easy-going clownfish, as shown beside his wife.

9. HeiHei: Moana

HeiHei: Moana
“I’m curious about that chicken, eating the rock. I mean, he seems to lack the basic intelligence required for pretty much… everything.” HeiHei: Moana, Walt Disney, depositphotos

Heihei is an essential character in the animated feature film Moana by Disney in 2016. He’s an accident-prone rooster and Motunui’s village idiot. As Moana embarks on a journey taking her beyond the island, Heihei unwittingly follows in a stowaway fashion.

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