The Most Relatable Memes on The Internet

Relatable Memes 2019

Do you spend a lot of your time on the internet?

Most of us are so deep into the meme culture, that we use meme to communicate.

Almost everyday, my inbox has at least one meme from one of my friend.

Among all these memes that they send me, only a few of them I find are relatable.

Even though I reply as LOL or send some laughing emoji, only a few of the memes are very relatable.

It’s almost the end of 2019, so here are the list of the most relatable memes of this year:


1. The Baby Yoda: Aging process meme:

 Relatable Memes 2019

As an asian, I feel that this meme is so relatable.

You don’t really see anyone age, until they are like 59 and suddenly they start looking all white and wrinkled.

The meme shows this through the picture of yoda and baby yoda.

This 2019 meme is just so adorable and relatable.


2. The Test meme:

Relatable memes 2019

This 2019 meme is just so relatable. It has happened to many of us I suppose.

Mostly as a student that doesn’t really pay attention in class, I don’t know what’s going on anymore.

So, this has become so normal to hear these days.


3. The Elevator Meme:

We all have once in our lives experienced this. You enter the elevator and press the button to go up, but it starts going down instead.

This has to be one of the most frustrating moments ever. It is at least bearable when you’re alone.

But I always fear that the person who enters will think that I am crazy, going up and down.

But you cannot help it can you? Elevator algorithm sucks sometimes!

This probably is another relatable meme of 2019.


 4. First Day of School:

There are tons of memes on the first day of school. However, I find this meme the most relatable one out of all of them in 2019.

As a kid it was very much fun getting ready for the first day of school.

Whether it is on the first day after a long holiday or the very first day of your school life, you always feel prettier when your mom gets you ready.


5. The Uber Driver:

This is another crazy pool of memes. There are honestly so many memes related to uber or its drivers and I find each of those relatable.

This meme is clearly shows how much the uber map can glitch.

The uber seems to be floating in the water, which is not possible, but it looks that way because of the error.

Since, I saw this meme, everytime I see this kind of glitches in the app it makes me laugh.


6. Trying to Flirt:

This is clearly the best representation of how awkward I get around my crush.

Mostly when you’re a very anxious person it can be very difficult to be able to get the courage to talk to your crush.

And if I get thrown into such situations, i’m pretty sure that I would say something like that.

This is very relatable for people who have atleast have had crush once in their life.


7. My Back hurts! Relatable memes 2019

It is sad that there are so many people in 2019, that find this meme relatable.

It probably is because of all the posture you maintain while scrolling through the social media, but it clearly needs to change.

This meme made me laugh out loud. However, it also left me with the thought of how by 21 I already have back pain issues.


8. Adulting:Relatable memes 2019

I know it’s terrifying in a way but this is one of the most relatable memes that I had found in 2019.

How many times have you looked for advice only to realise, you are the only adult?

As someone who gets anxious and stressed very easily,

I need someone to calm me down. So, when I realise that im supposed to take care of myself, it’s just sad.


9. Anxiety meme:

Relatable memes 2019

I am a very anxious person. So, there are moments where I just get very nervous and shaky.

When others see this, they think that I can just calm down, but they don’t really understand how anxiety works.

They obviously might be saying this with care but that seriously is not something that I wanted to listen.

And there are so many people who do this to me everyday. So, I guess like me, anyone else with depression could relate to this.

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