Is Your Relationship Toxic? 10 Warning Signs Of Toxic Relationship

Toxic Relationship

People face growth and change. So, they evolve from time to time. Relationships are always not about happiness and sunlight; it could bring cloud and sadness too. Sometimes, relationships can burn and crash, and things might look unpleasant. A strong relationship requires healthy and independent people. But, these people might have a breakdown and can find themselves in a tough time. Any kind of toxic relationship that human faces might have a significant effect on the mental health of a human.

Toxic relationship
Toxic Relationship !!
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While you could feel like you can build a boat with someone on one day, you can feel like you can’t even cross a river on the next. Similar to the proverb “Don’t judge a book by its cover“, it’s difficult to judge if someone’s relationship is toxic or healthy.

The couple who is now admired as a dream couple might have faced some problems in the initial phase. Furthermore, toxic relationships are the territory of insecurity, breakage to mental health, and the home for uncertainties. Hence, it is essential to know if your relationship is toxic or not.

Here are some signs you need to know while you figure out your relationship.

1. The toxic relationship gives  birth to insecurity

Insecurity is the underlying vulnerability of a toxic relationship. While you are in a toxic relationship, your feelings will oscillate back and forth. At times, you will feel like your partner gives you the world, while at times, you might feel like you deserve better. Even while you complement each other, you will feel like you are not enough, or your partner is not enough.

2. Constant Manipulation

A  healthy relationship demands the opinion of your partner in certain things. Unlike it, an unhealthy relationship might make you feel wrong about all your decisions. You are in an unhealthy relationship if your partner tries to manipulate you always.

It’s when everything you do becomes wrong; every action you take needs to be done in a better way. Toxic relationship psychology includes someone trying to convince you of doing things that do not make you comfortable. They might try to influence you according to their demands and tend to ignore you if things don’t go their way.

3. No effort at all

A toxic relationship lacks effort
A relationship is all about effort
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We all know any relationships require effort from both sides. Whether you are talking about the relationship with your partners or your parents, efforts are the vital needs of a relationship.

Without the investment of both sides in a relationship, the survival of a relationship is complicated. Toxic boyfriend signs involve not giving enough attention and time. Hence, with no effort at all, the ties drown into the river of toxicity.

4. The toxic relationship doesn’t feel good

Every night, you will fall with a hollow heart if you are in a toxic relationship. Likewise, you will wake up and feel as bad as you slept. While the other couples get busy in cherishing their relationship, you will have no treasure that makes you feel like you should feel good about your relationship. This might make you stay disconnected from your partner. You can consult relationship advice if your relationship doesn’t feel good at all.

5. Physical and Verbal Abuse

Physical Abuse in toxic relationship
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What are the most significant deal breakers of a relationship? If you know about the physical and verbal abuse, you will surely come with them. Someone who loves you won’t hurt you with their words or in any physical form.

The texting pattern becomes negative and your chat screen gets filled with hurtful context. You will have to face physical abuse in the form of anger. There is no way you deal with the control freak and get adapted to the abuse to sustain your relationship. So, get out of it.

6. No growing

Over time, humans demand the need to grow and change. But, certain relationships soft them from growing and stopping their valuable dreams and goals.

It’s essential to be with someone who grows along with you and doesn’t make you hold back in your constant process of becoming successful. Hence, in a toxic relationship, your partner will make you insecure about the goals and interests you have.

7. The toxic relationship makes you feel drained

In a toxic relationship, you will feel drained in all forms: physically, emotionally, and mentally. If you get this feeling, it’s time to work on your ego and think about your relationship once again. This will be for the cause of good.

8. Constant Threat of Break Up

Threat of Break up in a Toxic relationship
The threat of Break Up
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If someone tries to threaten you about the breakup even after a small argument, it’s time to leave the toxic relationship. Rather than trying to fix the hurt and working on bringing the peace, if someone tries to end it, you can conclude it as a toxic relationship.

9. Things don’t get better

No matter how hard you try to fix a relationship, if it doesn’t get better, there is no point in working on it. Every relationship has an issue, but in a toxic relationship, there are never-ending issues involved. Hence, if you get any toxic boyfriend signs or toxic girlfriend signs, it’s better to move on and try on other things.

10. Deflection of  Responsibility

When there is a constant excuse for unhealthy behavior, the person is trying to move away from responsibility. You can handle the situation once, but not always. Getting far from the duties harms the relationship.

In a  toxic relationship, there is still an excuse related to the experience that deflects the person away from their responsibilities. So, how to fix a toxic relationship? Here’s how you can make your relationship strong and deal with the negativity.