Things You Shouldn’t Tolerate In A Relationship

things you shouldn't tolerate in a relationship

Love indeed makes us blind. Your relationship will make you feel excited and happy sometimes, while sometimes it can make you feel unloved and satisfied. Because we do not like to move on, we tend to be in a toxic relationship.

Additionally, someone with good qualities whom you love, admire, care can outgrow to become a person with bad qualities. However, we ignore certain things because we do not want our love life to ruin. So, we pretend like everything is perfect. But, there are certain things you shouldn’t tolerate in a relationship.

Things You shouldn't tolerate in a relationship
A bad relationship
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No one is perfect. But, no one has the right to make you feel unimportant and unloved. The forms of disrespect in a relationship might come as different unacceptable behaviors. Here are certain unacceptable behaviors that you should not tolerate while you are in a relationship.

Dishonesty- Things you shouldn’t tolerate in a relationship

Cheating - Things you shouldn't tolerate in a relationship
You shouldn’t tolerate cheating in a relationship Image Credit: Mark Manson

If your relationship does not make you feel secure, its time that you need to get out of it. Strong people do not tolerate cheating. Once you catch your boyfriend or girlfriend with someone else, you need to start looking for ways to get out of that relationship.

No matter what someone does to cover up the lies and make you feel wanted, a lie is always a lie, and it cannot be justified. If you give a chance, the person will seek the next and continue it.

Being compared to someone else

Comparing your partner to someone else is one of the various forms of disrespect in a relationship. No one is perfect, so you cannot expect your partner to be the best. However, you need to look at all the odds and love them for it.

You should never tolerate your partner telling you that you are not better than someone else. Instead of getting sad about how you cannot be like someone when someone compares you, you should move out of the relationship and have a secure place with yourself, cherishing yourself. In this way, you can choose to protect your vulnerabilities and love yourself.

Unfulfilled Sexual Needs

While relationships are about social, emotional, sexual, and physical needs, you need to make sure that your partner fulfills your sexual desires.

If someone makes you feel wrong about your sexual needs, the relationship is not healthy. Your boyfriend/girlfriend should cherish your sexual needs and help you feel comfortable with it.

Physical and Emotional Abuse

Do not tolerate physical and mental abuse
Physical and Verbal Abuse
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Any form of verbal and physical abuse is what you shouldn’t tolerate in a relationship. While people become violent, they do not need to drain it in the form of mental and emotional abuse.

As violence cannot get justified, there is no way that someone can dominate you and warn you with certain types of physical abuse. No one can make you dance along with them, playing their mind games to make you do what they want.

Things you shouldn’t tolerate in  a relationship – Control over everything

Out of all the unacceptable boyfriend behavior, a controlling nature comes at the beginning. If your boyfriend controls you a lot and wants you to do things according to him, it’s time to check out on things you shouldn’t tolerate in a relationship.

If someone controls you on your taste of freedom, style, and living, you are in a toxic relationship and should move on. When you have no room to make your choices, you cannot achieve your goal. Although it might not seem harmful and seem like they care at the beginning, it is not suitable for a long term relationship.

Keeping you away from your friends and family

If your partner isolates you from your friends and family, you need to seek a piece of relationship advice. You should not tolerate someone trying to take you away from the people who were in your life before they came. As you interact with some other people, your partner can feel insecure about it. But, these things require proper discussion, not isolation.

At times your partner will know that your family and friends will not like him/her for specific reasons. So, he/she might try to take you away from people who care. Be careful!

Insults- Things you shouldn’t tolerate in a relationship

You should never listen to insults. Someone who loves you won’t make you feel bad about yourself. Insults do not seem like something that should get consideration in a relationship. But, it hurts the mental health of a person.

Many unacceptable behaviors from their husband come as an insult. So, you should look someone putting you down as the things you shouldn’t consider in a relationship.