How To Deal With A Control Freak In A Relationship

When you get into a relationship, you don’t always know your partner quite well. 

People usually do not tend to show their toxic behavior right away, which can leave you to date a stranger.

Some people get into a relationship and later find out that they are dating a complete control freak.

A control freak or controlling partner is someone who openly threatens everyone in their path, physically or mentally.

Control freaks use a whole arsenal of tools in order to dominate their partner in relationship.

Most often the partners do not realize what’s happening or stay quiet of all the situations.

Thankfully, there are early warning signs for you to keep an eye out for those type of people.

Here are some signs you’re in a relationship with a controlling person and ways to deal with it.

Who Are Control Freaks?

While you may have thought that a control freak is just a certain manner of behavior.

However, in reality, he/she has much more to do with psychology and disorders.

It’s often known as control freak personality disorder.

The term describes a person who attempts to dictate how everything should be done.

A control freak needs to control over everything. They correct you if you’ve said or done something wrong.

Lots of people being in a relationship with controlling person complain about not having enough air to breathe or to keep their opinions.

Sings of Control Freak in a Relationship

Correcting You When You Are Wrong

At first, you may thing that it’s quite cool when your partner is correcting you when you are wrong.

While at a party you might say something that happened a year ago, and your partner might correct you.

You might think that your partner doesn’t want you to make mistakes.

Unfortunately, these are the warning signs of a control freak partner.

Most likely your partner has a histrionic personality disorder, which means that public opinion is much more important to him or her.

Your partner always needs to be a center of attention which is a great sign of a control freak.

Always Tries To Win

When you are having an argument with your partner, he or she always tries to win.

No matter how much wrong he or she is, a control freak will always prefer the last word.

A control freak always thinks himself as the smartest and the most logical. So, he or she never gets wrong.

In trying to win over the argument, your partner may become absolutely illogical.

A control freak partner will often get highly upset when lacking arguments against you.

Don’t Like When You Make Decisions

If your partner has ever gotten upset with you when you didn’t consult them before making decisions, he/she might be a control freak.

Control freaks don’t like when you do things without consulting them.

They tend to become upset when you exercise any free will on your own.

Because they need to control everything, they’re going to want to control everything you do.

So, when you are dating a control freak, you are not allowed to make decisions on your own.

Goes Through Your Phone Every Time

For most people, their phone is a pretty private place.

However, it’s common for exchanging or checking out your partners’ phone nowadays.

It builds more trust between you and your partner.

Unless, your partners keeps on snooping through your phone unnecessarily.

A control freak feels that he or she has the right to know more than he or she actually does.

Checking your phone calls and messages constantly is what a control freak always does.

Gets Extremely Jealous

If your partner tends to get extremely jealous when you hang out with friends, or even with your family, he or she is a control freak for sure.

A little jealousy in a relationship isn’t necessarily bad. However, sometimes jealousy triggers fits of rage.

Jealousy is a normal part of life, but controlling partner take it to the extreme level.

You may notice that your partner gets angry with you when you spend time with someone else rather than him or her.

How to Deal with a Control Freak In a Relationship

Understand That It’s Not About You

Control freaks are extremely clever and adept at manipulating people and situations.

If your partner is a control freak, it’s more likely to be brainwashed into believing that you are incapable of doing anything.

You may have agreed to your partner’s wishes a few times in the past just to avoid a fight.

However, your partner will point it out as your weakness and keep on doing so.

Hence, you instead of blaming yourself on everything wrong that happened, you need to understand that it’s not your fault.

Realize It’s All About Anxiety

Dating a control freak can be exhausting. Most often love turns into extreme hate.

Sometimes you realize that your partner is a control freak but you want to change something and save your relationship.

You can’t take any further steps without realizing that your partner’s behavior is predetermined by anxiety.

Otherwise, you are going to be offended all the time by your partner’s actions.

And all your attempts to deal with it will fall flat on your face.

Give Them Your Opinion

Once again, your partner is unlikely going to listen to your advice at first.

Always keep in mind that your advice should be as logical as possible.

In the end, your partner will accept your advice, and if his or her life is going to change, do it.

However, if your control freak partner doesn’t accept your advice and always acts the same, change your partner instead.

Set Your Own Limits

If you decide to stay in a relationship with a control freak, you need to set your own limits.

If you want to build a normal relationship, stop tossing and turning the way your partner wants you.

You need to decide for yourself what is acceptable and what is not.

As soon as you decide, you need to settle the matter with your partner first.

Stand Up For Yourself

A control freak partner only gets more confident and expert at imposing their wishes on you.

So, understand that your wishes and needs are equally important and your partner will have to learn to respect them if he or she wants to stay in relationship.

You need to establish clear boundaries on what sort of behavior is and is not acceptable.

If you find your partner at least willing to listen, help the process along by being more specific to him or her.

You should realize that no matter how many times you give up your wishes, he or she will never understand.

So, do something to defend your own self-worth and self-respect for yourself.