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Relationship Advice: Toxic Dating Habits To Let Go in 2020

Dating Tips

So, it’s almost the end of 2019 and some of us have nearly given up on dating.

It is totally acceptable to not be in the dating game. Nonetheless, if you have decided to go out with people it’s better if you consider certain things.

Getting into good relationships isn’t easy and can be scary sometimes.

But you follow relationship advice you might actually end up finding the one for you.

It is important to start dating if you want 2020 to be your year. So, use the following tips for the next year and see your dating game change:


1. Ghosting after dating:

Seriously! this is a complete waste of time for you and the other person.

If you feel that it might not be working, you can just tell them. It is worse off when you ghost someone.

Keeping someone in a limbo is a total coward move. If you think a date didn’t go well or that it cannot work for you, it is better to communicate it with the other person before you cut them off.

So, follow this tip if you want to ensure that you don’t play with other person’s feeling while dating.


2. Taking too much time before you meet them:

Dating Tips

If you find your choice, don’t take too much time to ask them out.

Most of the times when you wait either they lose interest in your or find someone better.

So, it is my advice that if you want the relationship to move forward you should initiate the dates.

It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman, if you think they are the right one for you and they live close by, give it a shot.

This way you will not waste your time if you realise you don’t really want to continue if after meeting them in person.


3. Ignoring the inner beauty:

Today the world has become a place full of hypocrites. You don’t want others to judge you based on how you look but you do the same to others.

One of the best dating tip is to stop doing this if you want to have a more fulfilled life.

With the rise of dating apps like tinder where you swipe off someone just based on how they look on a picture, this phenomena has only risen.

So, before you decide the next date, make sure your partner is beautiful inside out.


4. Procrastination:

Don’t we all love keeping things for the last moment? But this is not healthy.

Especially when you are trying to be better at dating don’t keep things for the last moment.

This gives a very bad impression of you to the other person. Small habits like always being late on a date or cancelling the date on the last minute before your work shows how mismanaged your life is.

So, use this advice to make sure your relationships go smoothly.


5. Stay away from Jealousy and Envy while dating:

Relationship Advice

We all get jealous sometimes to a certain extent but you shouldn’t let you take so much time and space in your life that you start envying everyone and everything.

The problem with this is that it brings a lot of insecurity and bad vibes into your life.

So, if you have recently started dating or if you are already together as well, use this tip to bring peace in your life.


6. Expecting for it to be perfect:

You cannot expect things to be perfect. Most of us have this idea of an ideal relationship or a date.

But this is not the truth. Good things take time and effort. So, before you push away someone thinking they don’t match your checklist of perfection, think!


7. Having too many alternatives while dating:

This is another toxic dating habits seen in most of the people in unsuccessful dating life.

They try to keep so many options that they cannot give their time to the right person.

This will drain your time, energy and also money.

It is good to have alternatives but sometimes it might backfire.

Therefore, the advice is to spend more time selecting whom to date so that you won’t have to keep more options in the relationship.


8. Taking time before texting; each time!

We know how dreading it can get when you have recently started to date someone and it’s tempting to text them back immediately.

This is the way it should be! But social media and movies have shaped our mindset in such a way that texting someone back instantly is taken as a sign of desperation.

By this I don’t mean that you should wait for their texts with your phone on the hand every second.

Nonetheless, this is not a good way to proceed with your relationship, the advice is to text back when you see their text or missed calls.

This is a way of showing you care and that they aren’t the only one making efforts.


9. Looking away from the red flags while dating:

I have seen so many of my girlfriends doing this when they start dating someone they have had a crush on or are very attractive.

Most of the relationships fail because of this toxic trait. We make excuses or think that it might be our fault when we ignore the red flags.

It’s just making us look more like fools. Try to be smart and look and think from different perspectives.

It is important to look out for any hints that you that is a bit fishy before you trust them completely.


10.Attention Seeking and expecting too much:

As soon as we start texting back and fro, some of us expect the partner to give us all their attention.

This might work in some of the relationships but the advice is to stop seeking for their validation.

When you start dating not everyone likes jumping into things fast.

So, control your desires of wanting your partner to only think about you all the time.

The dating tip is to understand that they have their own personal lives and they need their own space.



Dating Tips

Another tip is to stop comparing your partner to someone else when you are dating.

It is seriously the worst thing you can do to your relationship.

This will make you less satisfied with your choices and will make you end up treating them badly.

But this is not the right thing to do. Everyone has their own features, way of doing things and beauty.

Comparing will only make you see their negative aspects.


12.Stalking while dating:

Okay! so this is another big turn off. Mostly girls and even some of the guys cannot help but stalk someone when they like them.

But this is not healthy. I understand that trying to know someone that you like is good but don’t get it too deep.

When you try to decide from their posts about how they were, you form your own perception about them.

But if you want a tip that is helpful in dating, try to hear their stories from themselves.

This will make you understand them much better than a 7 years old post on Facebook.

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