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Horticultural Therapy and Its Advantages

Horticulture Therapy
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Horticultural therapy (HT) is a method of using gardening and plants to help people improve their physical and emotional health. Since the ancient Egyptian era, HT, also known as social and therapeutic horticulture, has been generally acknowledged as a helpful kind of treatment. Physicians were already recommending garden walks for patients with mental health issues at the time. Therapists still recommend HT for persons who are anxious, sad, or recovering from surgery or other trauma. 

Horticultural therapy and its science

HT is one of the ways of letting nature heal you. When people join HT, they step into the role of caregiver. People achieve a greater sense of responsibility and purpose by tending to a garden. Gardening can help you develop your cognitive abilities, and being in nature can help you relax. According to some studies, this is because being outside exposes you to more sun, and thus vitamin D. Aside from that, you’ll be out and about, becoming one with nature. Getting in touch with nature has a calming influence on the heart, mind, and spirit practically every time.

Source: goodlifedetroit

Horticultural Therapy’s Major Advantages

There are numerous benefits to using horticulture therapy. The following are a few of them:

  • It Increases Self-Confidence

Taking care of all those living plants requires someone to take on the role of caregiver. It boosts their self-esteem significantly in the long run. This is especially crucial for persons who have been traumatized in the past or who are depressed. It can also assist persons who have experienced traumatic situations like bullying or abuse.

  • Improves Social Interaction with others

HT also promotes all forms of social engagement with people who share similar interests and habits. It also leads to the emergence of a plethora of new interests. HT is a part of several jail reform programs as part of the rehabilitation process.

  • HT’s Physiological Advantages

A study was carried out to see if individuals recuperating from a severe illness (such as a heart attack) could benefit from horticulture therapy. According to the conclusions of this study, Horticultural treatment has the power to improve the patient’s overall mood significantly. It is now largely regarded as a relatively effective stress-reduction strategy. It has a therapeutic effect on persons who are prone to high levels of stress. Because high stress is a direct cause of high blood pressure, stroke, and heart-related illnesses, lowering it can reduce the risk of these conditions. This is why doctors now regard Horticultural therapy as a beneficial component of various cardiac rehabilitation programs.

Horticultural treatment is a well-known and effective method. As a result, there’s even more motivation to spend more time in your garden!

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