Self-Care Hacks for 2021

Self Care Hacks

2020 put us all under a lot of pressure and it was equally hard for all of us. Now that 2021 has arrived, it certainly doesn’t mean that Covid-19 is gone. However, the lessons we’ve learned during these times is far more valuable than anything else for self-care.

The unprecedented pandemic did not just put our life on hold, but also made us realize what life is all about. And keeping that in mind, it is time to start afresh.

As tendentious as self-care is, it has never been more crucial to take care of yourself. And if keeping your health and wellness before anyone else is selfish, then so be it.

Here are 6 ways to adopt self-care in 2021.

Mental Health Check.

mental health check

What 2020 made most of us realize was how ignorant we were of our own mental health. Our busy life never gave us time to sit down and breathe. But the past year showed us why taking care of our mental health matters.

So, this year, let us all take a pledge to keep our mental health in check.

Be that as it may, taking care of mental health is easier said than done. But in the words of the Jogging Baboon from BoJack Horseman, “It gets easier…Every day it gets a little easier…But you gotta do it every day”.

If you don’t want to go to therapy, which we recommend you do, you can switch to online therapies. However, you don’t have to limit therapy to conversations with the therapist. Taking up activities you love doing is also considered therapy and it helps tremendously.

You can always start slow when it comes to your mental health. Give yourself at least ten minutes in a day to sit and meditate. You can gradually increase the time and add more activities like yoga or simple workouts.

Invest in a Great Skincare Routine.

skin care routine

If you still haven’t started taking care of your skin, what are you even doing? I have to admit when people talk about skincare, it can get a bit overwhelming. Especially if you’re new to the skincare world.

However, you don’t need to worry or think too much about it at all. Do your research about your skin type and what ingredient suits you best. The best advice anyone can give you is don’t forget to put on an SPF and moisturizer.

Remember, just because a product is expensive, doesn’t mean it works like magic. What matters the most is the ingredients it has and what fits you. And sometimes less is more.

Check Your Finances.

Check your finances

Yes, splurging on things you love (but you don’t need) can be therapeutic. But by now, you need to understand the role money plays in our lives.

So, in 2021, make sure you don’t have a similar mentality about money like in the past.

Keeping track of your finances is also a form of self-care. It makes us aware of our earnings and spending habits. Therefore, make a habit of checking your finances time and again.

Also, make sure you’re not spending excessively on things you don’t need. Instead invest your money into something more valuable like stocks, property, or gold.

Learn to Have More Patience.

learn to have patience

I know life can get hard at times and sometimes all you need is to take a deep breath.

As much as life loves to test us, practicing to be more patient can help solve a lot of issues. So, in 2021, prioritize patience and self-control rather than being blunt at all times.

Learning to have more patience doesn’t mean you shouldn’t speak your mind. However, try being more mindful of your surrounding and your words.

Give Yourself Time.

Give yourself time

Before 2020, we’d forgotten how to give ourselves time and attention like we’d give others. But one good thing 2020 taught us was how important “me time” was.

Thus, just because the year is gone, doesn’t mean you need to stop giving yourself time.

Do the things you love and gives you a sense of satisfaction. Go for walks, do gardening, or take up any hobbies you like. “Me time” has never been more crucial than now. And make sure you take full advantage of it.

Switch to Sustainable Living.

Switch to sustainable living

Make sustainability your ultimate goal in 2021. The past year saw a tremendous rise in people opting for sustainable living. As hard as it sounds, sustainable living is the best way to contribute to a healthier life.

Sustainability isn’t just for your betterment, but also for a better future of the world. And the faster you switch, the better.

Having said that, living a sustainable life isn’t an easy thing to do. Yet, you can always start small.

Switch to glass or steel utensils. Search for more eco-friendly options instead of plastic. Thrift old vintage clothes instead of buying new ones. And most importantly, reuse, recycle and upcycle the things you have.