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Best Affiliate Programs for Bloggers in 2020

The modern age brought forth many an opportunity for people to earn money online. As a result of such a plethora of choices, it can sometimes be a bit difficult to decide which route you should take. But that said, there is virtually something for everyone.

If you enjoy writing and having your opinions, you might find blogging to be a good choice. A thing that bloggers sometimes struggle with is finding a good way to earn some extra cash. As a result, many bloggers started joining various affiliate programs. We present some of the best you should check out in 2020.


Affiliate Program

If you are running a blog where you often find yourself mentioning products that could be bought online, there really is no reason to do it for free. You can find companies, such as Amazon, and join their affiliate programs.

In other words, you will be able to earn a commission every time any of your followers decide to follow your Amazon affiliate link. Some of the most popular product categories currently on Amazon include luxury and beauty items, as well as home improvement or self-improvement related items. 


Joining an affiliate program doesn’t always have to revolve around trying to promote a product. If you are running an educational blog, you can easily find a matching affiliate program to join.

For example, Udemy became a very popular choice for anyone looking to join an education-related partnership program.

You can promote thousands of different classes and topics that are being covered in up to 60 different languages. However, in order to become qualified for payout, you must first get over a $50 threshold. 


affiliate programs

If your blog is focusing on the world of gaming, you can promote various companies that offer such services. This type of content will allow you to join numerous partnership programs that focus on different types of gaming.

You can earn a greater commission if you join more than one program. But even if you are focusing more on a specific type of game, you can also easily find a relevant affiliate program. If the iGaming industry is your main focus, you can choose to become a casino affiliate and join a good program.

Marketing-related affiliate programs

You can also make a sort of a passive income online by joining a marketing-related affiliate program. If your audience is mostly made of marketers and business owners, you can join an affiliate program with companies such as Instapage.

This type of affiliate program will allow you to earn a decent commission while helping your audience improve their businesses. 

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Affiliate programs for the creative bunch

If your blogging content is focused mostly around creativity, you’ll also be able to find an affiliate program to join. You can become a part of the Adobe affiliate program and earn a commission by promoting their products to your creative audience.

Since the world around us is already so heavily digitized, it is no wonder that art is following suit. And any digital artist can certainly benefit from all the innovative solutions and tools numerous companies, such as Adobe, offer.

Affiliate programs for SEO junkies

If you are someone whose blog deals with all the goings-on in the world of SEO, you can easily choose to join an affiliate program that will allow you to earn commission by promoting useful SEO tools.

For instance, SEMrush has an excellent affiliate program called BeRush that enables affiliates to earn commission by promoting SEMrush. Choosing an affiliate program that’s based on revenue sharing is a great way to ensure that you will be compensated for all the hard work you put into promoting them.

To sum up

In short, when looking for an affiliate program, make sure you choose the one that’s relevant to your niche. Otherwise, you can’t really expect to earn a decent commission. In other words, if you are trying to promote something your followers are simply not interested in, don’t expect them to follow your affiliate link.

So, research your options well and find something that is up to your audience’s alley. That way you will be able to help both your blogging efforts and your audience. Above all, look for reputable programs to avoid ever coming off as unreliable. 

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