Bernie Sanders Is Once Again the Face of a Brand New Meme

bernie sanders meme

Bernie Sanders, American politician, and former presidential candidate attended Joe Biden’s inauguration on Wednesday. It was a historical day for all Americans as they welcomed a new president. Also, Kamala Harris became the first-ever Black, Asian, and female vice-president of the United States.

However, it went down as one of the greatest days in meme history as well, thanks to Bernie Sanders. The Vermont Senator attended the ceremony wearing a face mask, a parka jacket, and recycled woolen mittens.

bernie sanders meme

It didn’t take long for the internet to appreciate Bernie’s fashion and turn it into a meme. Thus, Bernie trended on Twitter with people showing off their creativity using his picture everywhere.

Here are some of the best Bernie Sanders memes.

The one with Wu-Tang Clan

The never before seen Sex and the City poster

The Bob Ross Masterpiece

Friday Part 2.

The remake of Friends we’re all rooting for.


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The actual Queen’s Gambit

Bernie the Sheldon’s Spot Stealer.

Bernie on the Moon.

The Last Supper ft. Bernie Sanders.

Keanu Reeves isn’t lonely anymore.


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I’m once again saying, there was space for Jack.


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A notable collection.

Bernie the Drummer Boy.

Bernie Reacts.

Sanders is well aware that he’s become a meme once again. He looks like a serious guy, nevertheless, he’s accepting of the fact that the world is having fun sharing his picture around. He talked to Seth Meyers about the memes in an interview and laughed it off.

Sanders also appeared on CBS News and joked about his attire with the host.

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