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Princess Qajar Meme: High Time To Question the Irrelevant Jokes

Princess Qajar Meme: High Time To Question the Irrelevant Jokes

Internet memes, as we know, are units of popular culture that are circulated, imitated and transformed by users.

Memes are typically meant to make others express their emotions via internet.

However, with the rapid increase of internet users these days, we see lots of misuse of the word called “meme”.

Open any other social media accounts, you will find really senseless memes posted just to make fun of others.

Be it racial memes, gender memes, political memes or other ridiculous memes, social media has really become a garbage.

And same goes with the viral Princess Qajar meme that portrays a nineteenth century Persian princess with facial hair.

The meme claims that 13 men killed themselves over their unrequited love for Princess Qajar.

Actually there are no facts about men killing themselves for Princess Qajar’s beauty in the history.

Despite that, the Princess Qajar meme went viral on the internet just like that.

People simply started to criticize Princess Qajar’s beauty and even started to question her gender.

Princess Qajar meme succeeded at demonstrating how easily viral meme confuses and outshines rich and meaningful stories from the past.


Princess Qajar Meme

Princess Qajar Meme: High Time To Question the Irrelevant Jokes

Like I said, folks were busy criticizing Princess Qajar’s beauty when the Princess Qajar meme went viral.

Thankfully, there were people who denied over the Princess Qajar meme claiming 13 men to kill themselves.

There were quite few people claiming the meme to be untrue and that they lacked evidence except Princess Qajar’s appearance.

Sadly, there are lots of memes on the internet besides Princess Qajar that is completely untrue and senseless as well.

But, folks do not truly check the actual facts either because people criticize them for being judgmental or they don’t care at all.

So, if you are criticizing Princess Qajar’s beauty and laughing at the Princess Qajar meme, it’s high time to question yourself.


Actual Princess Qajar Story

Princess Qajar Meme: High Time To Question the Irrelevant Jokes

The Princess Qajar meme is deeply rooted in a period of great change in Persian history.

It was phase of change that involved issues like reform, nationalism and women’s right.

In fact, this story involves not only one but two Persian princess who both defined the standards and expectations set for women in their times.

Incidentally, Princess Fatemeh Khanum got Princess Qajar’s name though both were the princess of the Persian Qajar dynasty.

Now let’s talk about the photograph of Princess Qajar that made people criticize about her beauty.

Princess Qajar’s husband actually took the photograph in the mid-to late-19th century.

You can find many papers denying the claim that ‘Esmat was “the ultimate symbol of beauty in the early 1900s.”

In fact, her husband took the photography years before, and then she died in 1905.

It’s just a rumor spread to make Princess Qajar an icon of a period she barely graced all because of her courage and elegance.

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Final Words

The Princess Qajar meme clearly shows the motivation of the meme’s creator in connecting such as sensational claim to this image.

If there weren’t people disbelieving the meme, no one would ever know that the meme had nothing to do with the history of Princess Qajar.

These sort of senseless memes undoubtedly questions the history and people mindset regarding certain issues.

Princess Qajar was famous for her bravery, elegance, and contribution more than her beauty.

So, meme creators show some respect to one’s contribution to the world and please do some research before creating a meme.

And folks who blindly believe on whatever you see on your social media, like I said earlier, it’s high time to question yourself.