UK’s 3 Best Female Psychological Thriller Authors To Read

UK’s 3 Best Female Psychological Thriller Authors To Read

If there is one genre that all readers appreciate, it is a psychological thriller. A combination of two genres — psychological and thriller, this genre has various definitions. 

The genre explores the mental state of various characters while twisting and turning the plot to excite the readers. Usually, psychological thrillers give an insight into the protagonists or the antagonists’ (both) psyche, showing different ways how the mind works. 

Packer Sharon explains that specific characteristics in this genre emphasize the mental states of its characters, perceptions, thoughts, distortions, and a general struggle to grasp reality.

British authors are the best at exploring this genre. There have been countless psychological thriller books by British authors who have placed themselves on the list of #1 bestsellers. 

Here are some writers who have become fan favorites and #1 New York Times Best Sellers. These writers have such a knack that they make the readers hooked. The last chapter suddenly reveals plot twists, which the readers never see coming.

Psychological Books Turned Movies By Alice Feeney

Before Feeney started her career as a writer, she worked at BBC for almost 16 years. She worked as a journalist and producer for the organization, often as a reporter as well. 

Her being a BBC reporter reflects on her novels. She puts whatever she learned from her experience into her books that makes them interesting to the readers. Feeney has written three books to date — ‘Sometimes I Lie,’ ‘I Know Who You Are,’ and ‘His & Hers.’ Her new book, ‘Rock, Paper and Scissors,’ is releasing on August in UK and September in the USA. 

Feeney is one such writer who gives the perfect delivery. By the end, her books always make the readers question, “What just happened?” She always ends the book in such a note that the audience reads the entire book repeatedly to find out the hidden clues and messages. 


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Three of Feeney’s books are going to be turned into series. ‘Sometimes I Lie’ is being adapted by Warner Bros. while ‘His & Her’ Jessica Chastain’s Freckle Films. Similarly, her yet-to-be-released novel, ‘Rock, Paper and Scissors,’ is being made into a Netflix series. 

Clare Mackintosh Queen Of Sus

Multi-award-winning British writer Mackintosh used to be a police officer. 

She started her career as a writer with her debut book ‘I Let You Go,’ in 2014. Since then, she has published six books to date. Her three books, ‘I Let You Go,’ ‘I See You,’ and ‘Let Me Lie,’ have critically acclaimed and received several awards. 

Mackintosh writes books in such a way that there is suspense built up after every chapter. Some of her books end in cliffhangers; however, it is not the wrong kind, rather feels appropriate. Regardless of the suspense hidden in every nook and corner, Mackintosh’s novels are smooth flowing and easy to read. 

Her new book ‘Hostage’ is publishing in the summer of 2021. 

Ruth Ware: Twisty Psychological Thriller 

Before branding herself as ‘Ruth Ware,’ the author went with her alias, Ruth Warburton. As Warburton, she wrote young adult fantasy novels, whereas Ware writes twisty psychological crime thrillers. Ware has written six books to date, with “One by One” being her latest one. 

People often compared Ware to Agatha Christie, and there are some similarities between the two writers. Christie’s writing and plot revolve around the protagonist being stuck in a situation they can’t escape. 


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Similarly, the central theme of her book is usually murder, toxic friendships, and family secrets. These resonate with Ware and her writing style — she is definitely the Agatha Christie of our generation.

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