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Top 5 Ocean Mysteries That Will Blow Your Mind

Top 5 Ocean Mysteries That Will Blow Your Mind
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The ocean covers 70% of our planet. Going to beaches and watching the sun shining on the surface of the blue ocean may be fun. However, there is much more going under the beautiful blue surface we see. Aquatic filmmaker Fabien Cousteau says that the moon is explored much more than the ocean. That is because of the ocean’s eternal depth and invincible pressure as we go deeper. Mariana Trench, the deepest part of the ocean is roughly 11 kilometers deep.

More interestingly, 95% of the oceans we have, still is a mystery. Human innovations are in every corner of the land while the ocean still remains the toughest environment to learn. Well, maybe that is the beauty of the ocean. Far-flung, unbothered yet holding the mysteries that no one can ever think of.

Here are some mind-blowing mysteries of the ocean that will blow your mind,

Sea Foam

Top 5 Ocean Mysteries That Will Blow Your Mind

Sea is the borderline of the ocean. We often see a white lathery substance that often floats on the sea and gets accumulated at the seashore. The coast of Yamba of the new south wales has been able to draw attention from many tourists to their natural phenomenon of seafoam. Seafoam forms by the disturbance to the organisms present on the water surface due to the tidal action. In another case, human activities like mixing waste toxicants into the oceanic water may also result in seafoam.

Crop Circle

Earth Sky

The circle having six feet in circumference intrigued every researcher. The underwater crop circles were first discovered under the waters of the island Anami Oshima located in Japan. Likewise, some scientists even thought that it could be the work of an alien. Later they found out that pufferfishes make such diagrams to attract their mates for breeding. However, the possibility of aliens under an ocean has always been an intriguing talk to hear.

Mysterious sound

In 1999, a 15-second eerie sound in the Antarctic kept National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in surprise. It didn’t sound like any organisms’ sound but rather spooky and loud. Only later they found out that it was because of a huge iceberg. Actually, the iceberg was grounding into the Antarctic ocean.

Steaming Sea

Dan Cristian

The dense steam coming out from the Black Sea made scientists research it. The reason was very simple. It was due to the humidity of seawater interacting with the cool atmosphere. This phenomenon is simple in even small streams. However, it’s quite a sight to witness on big seas.

Bermuda Triangle

We all are familiar with the news of the disappearance of ships and planes. Bermuda Triangle also called “The Devil Triangle” is located in the Northern Atlantic ocean which has the potency to swallow down the objects hovering around it. However, no evidence has proved these phenomena true. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)  believes that the disappearance was due to unexpected destructive hurricanes and rapid changes in weather. But we never know what lies beneath the depth.

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