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TikTok Marketing As A Branding Platform: How It Works?

Do you think businesses should use TikTok in their social media strategy? Yes, Recently the app suppressed 1.5 billion downloads. There are many brands that are holding TikTok as a legitimate marketing platform. It holds a broader audience where businesses can post their videos and advertise their products. 

However, there are many misconceptions about TikTok. Many brands miss out on prime opportunities for engagement and viral video to leverage an additive platform.

What is TikTok?

 TikTok is a social media platform for sharing short videos of 15-60 seconds. Its videos are user-generated that provide unique opportunities for creativity. 

Additionally, users even have editing or adding their soundtrack, effects, visuals directly to their videos. And popular content of the app includes viral challenges, singing, comedy skits, lips syncing, pranks, and choreographed dance. 

Tiktok influencer
Creating Tiktok content behind the scenes

TikTok Marketing.

Reason Behind the Growth:

Many brands use TikTok to tout their brand. Normally, the app is used by brands for some paid tactics that compel users to use a hashtag mentioning their brand name as a marketing strategy. 

TikTok users are willingly using branded hashtags. So, it is called a branded user-generated content machine.

Engagement Rates:

TikTok has become the dream platform of every brand. There is a rapid growth of engagement of brands in it. The high volume of video content has lowered the stigma of engagement. 

Eventually, this results in a high rate of engagement for organic as well as paid TikTok content. According to the Influencer Marketing Hub, the organic engagement rate of the app ranges from 3 to 9 percent. 

How Brands use the app:

Businesses are using TikTok for creating organic content that represents their brands. They are working with the content creators to increase their reach by running branded challenges and leverage paid ads. 

 Branded Challenges:

Organically, any user or brand can create a hashtag. However, it has packages that can help branded challenges take off. 

Branded hashtag challenge in TikTok can links product and store location. All the content that uses a hashtag in this app is included in a challenge page. However, pricey at $100,000 and an additional recommended $100,000 – $200,000 in ad spend within TikTok by these challenges.  

Digital Marketing Influencer:

TikTok is a platform where brands can easily find content creators that can align with the audience and marketplace content. 

Also, it provides insights into the audience of influencers that includes audience breakdown, performance content, sample work, and trending graphs.

Moreover, in brand partnering, TikTok has resulted in high volume content with influencers that reach more users and 250% less cost than the influencer of Instagram. 

The charge of an Instagram influencer with 10k followers per post is $100. However, the app’s influencers charge around $600-$1,000 per post with 2.5 million +followers. 


Lastly, TikTok will be evolving constantly just like any other social media platform. It will keep on growing with brands as well as audiences. Furthermore, it will jump onto the platform by working ahead of brands. Also, the app will build a new way for brands to connect with their audience. 

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