Ten things Men wish Women knew

things men wish women knew

They say women are hard to understand. But sometimes it seems like it is even harder to make us understand. Especially when it comes to men and their problems.

No, men didn’t come to Earth from Mars and yes, they’re as human as women are. But why is it that men and women are like the two opposite poles?

While women are supposedly more of an emotional being. Men are considered emotionally rigid. A stereotype that has basically ruined men emotionally.

Another thing I’ve noticed is how people put so much expectation on men in a family. Which makes their life even harder than it already is.

On top of that, women have made it our duty to make men feel miserable for so many things. For example, not knowing anniversaries, birthdays, and other important dates, not being too attentive and forgetting things, etc.

They already have so much in their mind, it’s definitely hard to keep up with all the nonsense rants we throw at them.

Here are 10 things men wish women knew.

They can’t read minds.

things men wish women knew

Men are human beings. That means they understand human language, not binary language.

What all men want women to know is that their brains aren’t so high functioning that they’ll understand what you’re going through.

While they can figure out that you’re upset but if you don’t tell them why they’ll never know. Because clearly, they’re not you to know what you’re going through.

Since men can’t read minds, they want women to communicate. And let them know what is going on inside of that brain.

They’re not ignoring you.

It’s not like men are wasting away their time doing nothing. Everyone needs time and space. And they’re either toiling away at work, fist bumping their bros, or arguing with another man in an intense video game match.

Ladies, they’re not ignoring you or cheating on you per se. they’re simply enjoying their me-time. You know like the ones you have with yourself and your girlfriends.

Stop giving them such a hard time.

Shopping is just not their thing.

things men wish women knew

I’ve seen my brother finishing his entire shopping in just 1.5 hours. Trust me when I say this, men are not made for shopping.

They have 2-3 stores they visit regularly that sell everything they’ll ever need. If they like something they’ll buy it right away not worrying about whether the color matches or is well-fitted.

They’d rather sit at home and shop online than make an effort to walk outside.

So, don’t get pissed if your man doesn’t like going to a million stores just so you could try the same thing you did the first time. If they agree to go with you, you should actually be thankful.

They only see about 16 colors.

Honestly, I’ve never met a man that can tell purple and violet apart. After all, it’s not their job to tell the colors apart.

Showing a man clothes that belong to the same color pattern and asking him which one is better is like showing a kid fries and chips and asking them what they want. It’s completely useless.

Sports is as important to them as K-Drama is to you.

things men wish women knew

How do you feel when someone interrupts you while you’re so intensely watching who will Geum Jan Di fall in love with?

Manchester United vs Manchester City is equally important for a man, no matter what club they support.

So, don’t expect men to pay attention to you when there is a match going on on the TV.

Being smart is attractive to them.

The stereotype of how men like dumb women are so wrong. You won’t believe the love and appreciation men have for smart women.

Women that are goal oriented and have an idea of what they want in their life is especially hard to ignore for men. And no, an ambitious woman doesn’t intimidate a man. It is, in fact, sexy to them.

But backbiting and bitching aren’t.

One thing that puts a man off, however, is how women feel the need to put another woman down.

It’s okay to tell them how your day went and how that one girl pissed you off that day. But bitching about every other person, telling how ugly or bad they are, are something that men find unattractive and unnecessary.

Please get straight to the point.

Generally, men have a normal brain that functions normally too. Men have yet to crack the code on how to understand women.

And if you think your man will understand the subtle hints you’re giving out, then sister, you’re more wrong than R. Kelly thinking he can get away from going to jail.

Instead of subtle hints, what you need to do is get straight to the point.

They don’t get the “what’s wrong? Nothing” conversation.

When a man assumes you’re upset and finds the courage to ask you what’s wrong, you better tell him. And tell him all the details as well.

Because clearly, they’re not smart enough to understand what’s upsetting you. And when you hit them with “nothing,” they’ll take that literally.

Unless the man is well experienced with the whole “what’s wrong? Nothing” talk, he’ll never really know what’s up.

No, they’re not thinking of other women.

things men wish women knew

Movies and dramas have completely changed how a man actually is. I do understand that there are some players out there. Toying with the hearts of innocent women.

However, not every man is the same. Stop evaluating men like that.

And if a man is loyal, it means forever, until their last breath. So, no they’re not thinking of other women when they’re with you or making love to you.

They might be thinking about food, anime, or even a funny joke they cracked the other night. But men all over the world (the loyal ones) want you to know that they don’t have another woman in their head when they’re with you.

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