The Best “That’s What She Said” Compilation from The Office

The Best "That's What She Said" Compilation from The Office
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When you think about Michael Scott, there’s one phrase that pops to mind -it’s his “that’s what he said “. Michael, who loved to joke around and keep things light, would say this catchphrase whenever the situation demanded it. and often when it didn’t. It wasn’t proper for the regional manager of a local paper supplier to yell “that’s what she said” at his employees, but that’s Michael Scott’s personality summed up.
There have been countless humorous and sometimes cringe “that’s what she said” moments over the course of the ten seasons; here are a few of our favorites:

1. When Michael came to Dwight’s wedding :

Dwight: “Michael, I Can’t Believe You Came”

Michael: “That’s What She Said”

That's what she said
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When Michael left the show in the seventh season, all of us were disappointed. The show, on the other hand, lasted another two seasons. Dwight and Angela ultimately marry in the series finale, and who appears out of nowhere? Michael Scott – the bestest mensch. “I can’t believe you came,” Dwight says his eyes welling up with tears. Michael says “that’s what she said” without pausing for thought.

2. When corporate made Michael give an apology speech :

Jim: “You Always Left Me Satisfied & Smiling”

Michael: “That’s What She Said”

The Best "That's What She Said" Compilation from The Office
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After getting into problems at work for his irresponsible behavior, Jan visits the Scranton branch for his irresponsible behavior and gives Michael a tough-talking to. Michael had to apologize to his colleagues in front of the entire company, and he declared that he would never fool around again.
That didn’t last long, though, as Jim set Michael up with a series of potential “that’s what she said” lines until Michael snapped. The entire office erupted in applause as Michael kissed Jan and was hauled away.

3. When Dwight had a concussion and had to visit the Hospital :

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In the dramatic scene where Michael burns his foot on his George Forman Grille, Dwight rushes to his aid. He crashes his automobile on the way out of the Dunder Mifflin parking lot because he was rushing, resulting in a concussion. When Michael and Dwight go to the ER to have Dwight’s head checked out, the doctor inquires about his skin condition, to which Dwight responded with this phrase with a bewildered expression on his face. Michael was enraged by the doctor’s laughter because it was “his” joke.

4. When Michael decides to imprint his face :

michael scott

Michael rushes into the office in a panic as the business park where Dunder Mifflin Scranton is located gets a new cement sidewalk. He only needed to scribble something in the wet cement before it cured, but what would he scribble? Michael decides to imprint his face in the wet cement, and when Dwight instructs him to “push it in as deep as you can,” Michael adds “that’s what she said”.

5. When Pam finally got to say “That’s what she said “

It was quite funny to see Pam finally be able to say this phrase. This happened when she was on a call with Jim, and Kelly was arguing with Dwight about personal space. Michaels habit rubbed off on everyone in the office and Pam wasn’t the one to be left behind. She was so excited that she finally got the timing right, her happiness was infectious.

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6. When Jan Said it :

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Outside of David Wallace’s house, Jan has a talking head with the film team, which has to be one of the best writing moments in The Office. Jan was having problems coping with the idea that she was seeing Michael because it was the first time they were going public with their relationship. She remained quiet before responding, “That’s what she said,” when asked why coming up with their connection was so “challenging” for her.

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