10 Times Creed Bratton Was The Best Character In The Office.

Best Creed Bratton moments

An argument every office fan has most of the time is, who is the best character in the show? We all know Michael Scott was the heart and soul of the show for seven seasons. After that, other characters like Dwight, Jim, Pam, and Andy tried their best to keep the show running. But if you ask me, one major character that’s always overlooked is Creed Bratton.

In The Office, Creed Bratton has always been behind the shadows of other major characters. However, every time he gets screen time, Creed has a personality no one can match.

Whether it’s giving out absurd advice to others or disclosing secrets of his personal life, Creed Bratton is easily the most overlooked character in The Office.

Here are 10 times Creed Bratton was the best character in The Office.

When Creed Bratton explains to Angela how Dwight Saved Jim’s Life.

In S03 Ep 19, “The Negotiation,” Ron, after knowing that Pam and Jim kissed tried attacking Jim inside office property. However, Dwight being Dwight saves Jim from the attack by spraying Ron with pepper spray. When Angela finds out about Dwight’s heroic act she goes around the office asking everyone about the details. And when she asks Creed, well see for yourself.

Creed Bratton stealing things.

As mysterious as Creed’s character is, we can assume that he’s done plenty of illegal activities during his time. One of those things is stealing which he openly admits to doing.

A Young Creed Bratton.

Fun fact, Creed actually used the printer’s ink to color his hair black. It was why Michael couldn’t print as there was no ink.

When he doesn’t know what he does at Dunder Mifflin.

When Holly comes in as the new HR head, she goes around meeting everyone. And when she gets to Creed’s desk she is fascinated by him and asks her what he does exactly.

Creed’s Blog, a threat to society according to Ryan.

Creed tries writing a blog, “Creed’s Thoughts,” and asks Ryan to help him set it up. But Ryan opens up a word document and makes him write trying to save the world from his brain.

The time when he was a temporary manager of Dunder Mifflin.

After Michael Scott leaves, Sabre, trying to find a new manager, appoints Creed as a temporary manager. And what happens next is their fault for hiring him as a manager.

When Toby teaches self-defense at the office.

Toby teaches everyone to strike, scream and run for self-defense. And in Creed’s defense, he does exactly what he was taught.

When he’s describing his ultimate goal in life, i.e., scuba.

Honestly, what is the point of all this if Creed can’t go Scuba diving?

When he gives financial advice to Michael.

When the office hears about Michael’s financial status, everyone tries to help him in their own way. But Creed has special financial advice that Michael uses.

Deleted Scenes.

These deleted scenes tell you e why Creed Bratton is the best character in the office. If you don’t believe us, see it for yourself.


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