Times Michael Scott Was Genuinely a Good Boss

The office
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Michael Scott may believe he is the World’s Best Boss, but let’s face it, his job record on The Office hasn’t always been stellar. While the Dunder Mifflin Scranton branch manager had his flaws and shown bad judgment in the workplace to varying degrees, there were instances when he excelled at his job.

Michael Scott has a lot of flaws, but no one can ever suggest he thinks he’s better than his people. Here are some of the times that he was actually a good boss to his employees :

When Made A Big Sale at Chili’s

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When Michael Scott and Jan went to Chili’s to see Christian, he proved himself to be an outstanding salesperson. It’s a huge deal, and Michael takes charge right away, switching the venue from a hotel to a Chili’s and then spending virtually the whole meeting cracking jokes and ordering more food, much to Jan’s obvious displeasure. On the surface, it appears like Michael is just being Michael, messing around and wasting time, but if you look closely, you’ll notice that Michael Scott is at his best as a salesman, and it’s only when Michael closes the sale that Jan realizes what she’s just seen.

When he showed up at Pam’s Art Show

Maybe it’s not his duty to show up to an employee’s non-work-related event, but Michael is a people person, and it’s unlikely that he would have considered skipping Pam’s art display despite everyone else’s excuses. Even Jim didn’t show up because he and Pam had become like strangers at this point. Pam’s emotional response to Michael’s arrival to inspect her paintings encapsulates Michael’s heart and what his compassion for his staff can mean to them at times. And then he bought the painting of their company and kept it in the office for everyone to see. Bless his heart!

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When he made a deal to sell Michael Scott Paper company

Is it true that regaining a job for yourself and your staff makes you a good boss? Under these circumstances, the answer is yes. He was also on the verge of closing down while his company stole the business from Dander Mifflin. Of course, he was ignorant when David Wallace took over Michael and arranged a meeting to get his lost clients back. Michael receives a good financial offer. Then he thought of a better deal. He, Pam, and Ryan all got jobs.

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Michael hasn’t always been the wisest with money, but he managed to realize the importance of having a stable paying job over a large sum of money upfront, and he made it happen with a wonderful pitch that included threatening to launch an unending number of new businesses.