Nutritionists Debunk 5 “Unhealthy” Foods That Aren’t That Bad

Nutritionists Debunk 5 “Unhealthy” Foods That Aren’t That Bad

When it comes to food, there are two schools of thought; one that is good for you and another that is bad. Nutritionists, doctors, and our parents always told us to stay away from certain food groups to stay healthy (we’re looking at you junk food). These foods were deemed unhealthy and were shunned for life. However, thanks to proper research, nutritionists debunk “unhealthy” foods that aren’t that bad for us.

Foods like potatoes, meat, dairy, and even a few fruits have come under fire for being unhealthy. Everyone tells us that they’re bad for our bodies and we should avoid them at all costs. However, we know now that it isn’t the food that is unhealthy, but the way we consume it is. 

Here are 5 “unhealthy” food that isn’t that bad according to nutritionists.


“Gluten-Free” is probably a hip diet now. Everyone at one point believed that gluten was the unhealthiest food we were consuming and trying to get rid of it as much as possible. However, unless you have Celiac disease or you’re highly allergic, gluten isn’t unhealthy and that bad for you. However, switching to gluten-free food is unhealthy as it contains a lot of additives and sugar to balance the taste. 


Potatoes aren’t necessarily a carb-ball making you fat and unhealthy. This ever-so-versatile vegetable (yes they are vegetables) is a great source of Vitamin C, B, potassium, magnesium, folate, and fiber. The best way you can eat a potato is with the skin on as it contains all the good stuff. And think twice before calling it an unhealthy food as it is not that bad for you. 

Red Meat.

Red meats have always had a bad rep for being unhealthy. Whenever nutritionists recommend eating meat, white, lean meat is always been a better choice. However, red meat is richer in protein, vitamin B12, and iron than white meat, and eating it in a moderate amount has its benefits. But processed food like bacon, sausages, cold cuts don’t count as red meat and it is best to avoid it. 

Egg Yolks.

Eggs are one of the most versatile sources of protein. However, most people have a bitter-sweet relationship with eggs. While most people love egg whites for their protein content, they hate egg yolks for their high cholesterol and fat content. But the truth is, a whole egg is an excellent source of essential minerals, vitamins, and protein.

Nut Butters.

Dairy butter and nut butter aren’t the same things. Just because nut butter has butter in their name, it doesn’t make them unhealthy. Nut butter has plenty of healthy fats that aren’t that bad for your health. However, avoid nut butter with more than three ingredients and also the serving size. 

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