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Food Coma: 10 Easy Ways To Recover From It

food coma

There’s something about good food that always ends up making me regret it.

If you are someone who loves to eat, it is possible that you might have suffered from food coma.

Mostly when it’s the holiday seasons and you cannot help but dive in.

So, you ate all the leftovers for lunch and now you can’t help but get drowsy.

Don’t worry because I have listed down the perfect cure for this food coma issue.


1. Drink Water:

Water is extremely important for our body to work normal.

Doctors suggest us to drink at least 8 cups of water a day.

This is more true when you are suffering from food coma. Water will help in easing your digestion process.

Try drinking 1 cup of water 30 mins to 1 hours before your meal.

This will help you control your urge to eat more. Your brain can confuse dehydration with hunger, so don’t take that chance.


2. Don’t Skip Your Breakfast:

food coma cure

There’s a ton of reasons why you shouldn’t skip your breakfast.

But if you want to cure food coma, it is because breakfast helps you moderate your diet throughout the day.

You might choose not to have your breakfast because you can’t find time to eat.

Perhaps you don’t have an appetite in the morning.

But if your stomach is empty for longer, the food you eat will make you feel more drowsy.

Whatever you eat will have an impact on you.


3. Spread Your Meals Throughout The Day:

I understand that it is difficult for all of us to plan our diets.

However, try to eat your meals in smaller proportion in moderate intervals.

This will reduce the chance of you eating more than necessary.

When you are hungry for a long time, you tend to eat more than what you need.

This is one of the most common causes of food coma. So, if you wanna cure it, try not to concentrate all your meals in one.


4. Try To Eat More of Veggies and Fruits:

Roughages are the best for your guts.

If you want your digestion to work properly, try to eat some roughages.

This will do wonders in curing your food coma.

Food coma is especially caused when your tummy has more food than it can digest.

So, veggies can actually speed up your digestion so that you don’t have to feel like shit after eating.


5. Move Around As Much As Possible:

If you suffer from food coma, it is possible that you are slouching as soon you have a heavy meal.

I am not asking you to jump around on a full stomach but don’t stay still.

Try going out for a walk or do something that is interesting.

Make sure that whatever you plan to do doesn’t involve sitting or laying down.


6. Stay Away From Liquors:

food coma

It can be difficult not to drink. Especially, when you are in a holiday mood.

But if you are having a problem with food coma, it is best if you stay away from it for a while.

Not only does drinking dehydrate you, but will also make your stomach fuller without any good calorie.

It is more likely that you will get more tired after drinking alcohol.

So, if you wanna cure food coma, try not to put your hands on that bar menu.


7. Balance Your Diet:

food coma cure

Just because you like meat doesn’t mean that you have to have it in every meal of the day.

Try to eat food in a way that will make it easier for your guts to digest it.

However, don’t start eating only fruits and veggies just because you think they are healthy.

Mostly fruits, they have a very high natural sugar content.

This can work opposite and make you even more sleepy. So, plan your diet so that you can cure food coma.


8. Probiotics Can Do Wonders:

Although it might not show immediate effects, when taken for a long time, probiotics can help cure your food coma.

Foods like yoghurt can help improve your gut health.

These food can reduce your chances of bloating and constipation as well.


9. Don’t Skip Healthy Carbs:

food coma

Crabs like whole wheat, oatmeals, peas and fruits are in fact better for your tummy than most other foods.

But try to stay away from greasy, salty and processed foods.

If you want the food you eat to cure your food coma, better eat something healthy now.


10. Exercise or do yoga or aerobics:

food coma cure

Maybe not right after the heavy meal, but you should include exercise in your routine.

Whatever kind it maybe, exercises help to clear the toxins from your body.

Exercising is extremely good for your overall health.

If you are planning to eat more, try balancing it with a workout.

The extra calories will help you gain muscles instead of making you feel like shit.

Also try stretching and making yourself active to beat the sleep away.

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