Unhealthy Food that seems Healthy

unhealthy food

Every once in a while, almost all of us go through the dieting phase. We avoid food that we absolutely love because it’s unhealthy.

We start eating food that is marked “low-fat” or “fat-free” for obvious reason.

Because we all know, it’s the food we eat determines the size of our waist.

We start opting for “healthy foods” because the media says so. And without a second thought, we substitute our sodas with the diet ones. Or our bread with the whole grain ones.

Our snacks become the energy bars filled with nuts and what not. Our dinner becomes a meal filled with veggies and fruits.

And our water becomes protein shakes, “healthy” smoothies, sports drinks, and organic fruit juices.

But, have we ever asked ourselves or the people that recommend us all this healthy food, “is this really healthy?”

Many-a-times, food items that are considered healthy are doing more damage to our health.

And, without realizing it, we’re damaging our health and diet goals.

Here is some unhealthy food that people fooled us for healthy treats.

Multigrain Bread.

unhealthy food

Multigrain bread was all the rage for it’s multi-benefits. But alas! We’re all such fools.

Multigrain bread doesn’t have the benefits of what whole grain bread does because it is purely refined.

It lacks fibers and makes your blood sugar increase faster after eating. This leads to more cravings.

Coconut Water.

Coconut is probably one of the most versatile food items there is. Every part of a coconut can be used for so many things.

Imagine walking down the street on a hot summer day, when you suddenly see someone selling coconut water by the road.

Your first intuition is to make him chop the coconut so you can put a straw and sip it all up.

However, you’re not doing too good for your health by doing just that.

Coconut water has a lot of sweetness in it.

While it is better to drink coconut water instead of sodas, plain water is always a far better option.

Dried Fruits.

Eating natural fruits is always a great way to remain healthy and active. It provides vital vitamins our bodies require.

However, that doesn’t make every form of fruit healthy.

Dried fruits are probably the opposite of what healthy food should be.

It doesn’t have any benefit a ripe fruit does as it is preserved using sulfites.

On top of that, it is coated with a lot of sugar making it more harmful than healthy.

“Low Fat” or “Fat-Free” food and drinks.

The biggest healthy food scam has to be companies selling food with the tag “low fat” or “fat-free”.

Recent studies show that low-fat or fat-free food contains up to 40% more sugar and 10% more calories.

It contains harmful artificial flavoring and more sugar.

So, anything that says low-fat, fat-free or diet sodas are probably a bigger threat than the normal ones.


unhealthy food

What would the tiny rolls of rice, veggies, meat, and nori ever do to our health, right?

Looking at sushi, we all believe it is one of the healthiest meals because it’s light and has veggies and protein.

Well, some of them are okay for us to consume. But sushi like California roll or a spicy tuna roll is the unhealthiest sushi.

Firstly, sushi has more rice than vegetables or meat which is unhealthy in itself.

California roll contains imitation carbs, cream cheese, and tempura shrimp. It is equivalent to eating two sandwiches.

Whereas spicy tuna rolls have full-fat mayo in it.

Fruit Juice.

We have mentioned earlier how beneficial fruits are. And the minute you mess with it, the nutritional values drop.

It’s the same with the fruit juice.

The ones you make yourself at home is a lot healthier. But the ones you buy at a store, well, not so much.

While companies promote their products to be 100% fruit juice, they add preservatives, artificial flavorings, colors, and tons of sugar.

So, drink water and ditch all the smoothies, Jamba Juice, and all the packaged juices. Yes, even the fat-free 100% fruit juice ones.

Soy Sauce.

Soy sauce is packed with minerals like riboflavin and vitamins like vitamin B-6. And, it is also low in calories.

However, it is also packed with extremely high sodium content.

It increases your risk of conditions like hypertension and also leaves you bloated.

Even a light soy sauce has about 600 milligrams of sodium.

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