Miley Cyrus Furious at Elon Musk, Calls Him Out in Social Media

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Elon Musk’s latest statement to Anonymous, a decentralized multinational hacking collective, has caused quite a stir online. The tech billionaire recently published a meme with Miley Cyrus on Twitter in response to a video posted by the group. This was in response to a video released by the international hacking group ‘Anonymous.’ They stated that they intend to target SpaceX CEO Elon Musk for allegedly affecting the bitcoin market much too frequently through his tweets.
The meme depicts a person dressed in a Guy Fawkes mask, with the words “Miley Cyrus is Hannah Montana” written beneath the image. The line comes from the Miley Cyrus-led TV show Hannah Montana. The sitcom revolved around a teenage girl named Miley Stewart who attempted to conceal her true identity from her followers by posing as Hannah Montana, a famous pop artist.

Miley cyrus
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How did Miley react to this meme?

Miley Cyrus was still under the impression that she and Elon Musk were friends. They had performed together on Saturday Night Live in May. Miley took to Twitter on Monday night (June 14) to express her displeasure with the SpaceX/Tesla billionaire for blowing up her Hannah Montana cover.

Miley and Elon Musk have had their share of goofy tweets and this exchange was no different. The actor has now responded to Elon Musk’s tweet. She playfully wrote that she is outraged that the Tesla CEO revealed her secret. Miley mocked Elon Musk by tweeting, “What the f—- @elonmusk?!?!?” “I told you that in confidence!” You can build a rocket but can’t keep a damn secret?!?!”

We all knew Hannah’s true identity. Therefore she was obviously joking. Musk played along, saying in response to the numerous comments on the original tweet and Cyrus’s response, “133T H4X0R got my phone. Nuthin I could do. Sorry babe.” “133T H4X0R” is geek slang for a gamer skilled at exploiting flaws in games to get an advantage.

As of today, Musk’s Miley Cyrus meme tweet has been retweeted 35.9 thousand times. It’s not the first time the two have traded humorous tweets, and their fans apparently enjoy it. This back-and-forth has garnered nearly 174,500 likes at press time.

All this fiasco was because of the video by hacker group Anonymous. According to them, a single person should not have that much power on the stock market. Last week, the international hacking collective ‘Anonymous’ said they are planning to target the SpaceX CEO for influencing the cryptocurrency market far too often through just his tweets. They also described Musk as a “narcissistic rich person desperate for attention.”

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