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Pope Francis to Get First Electric Popemobile

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For the first time ever, the “Popemobile” will be a fully electric car. Popemobile is a specially built vehicle that transports the Pope. He can observe congregants through its bulletproof glass. Mercedes-Benz was once the standard vehicle provider for the Pope. However, after Pope Francis became the Pope in 2015, he ditched Mercedes-80-year Benz’s tradition. He instead chose a Hyundai. 

After that, many companies have designed the car for the Pope. Toyota also gave Francis a hydrogen-powered Toyota Mirai car last year. The company created the vehicle for him. Over the years, he has chosen different types of cars. Recently he tweeted about wanting to switch to environment-friendly vehicles. He is worried about the effect of fuel-driven cars on climate for future generations.

Source: Hindustantimes

Who will develop the electric Popemobile?

No, Elon Musk will not build the Pope’s first electric vehicle. Many people expected Tesla to build one when Pope tweeted about needing an environment-friendly car. Instead, it was Henrik Fisker who stepped up. He has claimed that his Fisker Inc. will transform a Fisker Ocean SUV into the world’s first all-electric Popemobile.

Fisker designed the BMW Z8, the Aston Martin DB9, and the Benetti Fisker for James Bond. However, his efforts to build electric vehicles under his name have been financially and commercially unsuccessful. So now Pope will ride a car from the designer who also designed James bond’s car. This makes it exciting news!

Source: CNet

This news came a day after Fisker Inc met with the Pope. They had a private talk in Vatican City with Pope Francis. He usually travels in a Ford Focus. 

In a written statement at the meeting, the designer stated, “I got inspired reading that Pope Francis is concerned about the environment and the effects of climate change for future generations.” The company’s teams are now working with the Vatican on the criteria and specifications of the vehicle.

What are its specifications? 

Fisker is trying to make an environmentally friendly car for the Pope. The engineers will make the exhaust- and emissions-free vehicle’s interior with a range of environmentally friendly materials. They will include carpets created from recycled plastic bottles from the Ocean. It will also feature an enormous, modern, all-glass cupola. However, a representative for the company would specify if the business would also build the bulletproof glass covering Pope’s vehicles. This is an important part of a popemobile.

Source: Vatican News

They have not revealed the cost of the popemobile yet. But the Fisker Ocean starts at $37,499 in the US and 32,000 euros ($39,152) in Germany. Fisker denied commenting on the terms of the transaction. So it is still unsure if the firm is planning to donate the car.

When will the vehicle be ready?

The company will deliver the SUV to the Pope next year. Meanwhile, the Ocean’s regular version will start production on November 17, 2022. According to the company, Ocean will be “the world’s most sustainable automobile”. It will feature EV technology that will cut down emissions by 80%.

According to the current plan, the company will deliver the SUVs to customers in late 2022 or early 2023. Fisker customers have placed pre-orders. The company will produce Ocean electric SUV in Europe. It will be produced by contract manufacturer MG.TO. They will start production in November of next year.

Everyone is waiting to see if this new vehicle lives up to the hype. So let’s wait to see how the new Popemobile turns out!

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