Labor Union: Why Do Workers Need It

Labor union represents a group of people who work for human dignity, social justice, peace, and a life-sustaining environment.

While powerful elites who control government are driving civilization towards cruelty, labor union are the only way to fix it.

Labor union negotiate contracts with corporations to ensure that everyone plays a fair game and there is no injustice.

Realistically, people who earn maximum wages live in poverty whereas, people at the top live high on the hog.

So, labor force give the labors a decent piece of the pie and earn a livable wages for justice.

For example, when people go to court, they normally get a lawyer to fight against the opposite.

It is mainly because the lawyer knows all the rules and can provide a much better defense.

That’s the exact role that workers union plays for its member when the company tries to treat them unjustly.

In this article, we bring you some more specific and relevant reason why every company needs labor union.


For the Poor Who Barely Survive

Labor Union: Why Do Workers Need It

Imagine you wake up in the morning with all enthusiasm to start a day. Then you realize you have to work so hard to earn a little wage that barely helps you to survive. How would that feel?

There was a time when people did not have any labor unions to protect them from the greedy endeavors leaders.

They had to work until they bled for wages that amounted to little more than enough to feed one person.

Well, this system is still going on in some parts of the world. The companies take much advantages of the poor who barely earn any money.

But, thankfully because of national labor union this system has eradicated to some extent. Due to the pressure put by labor union on companies, people are getting fair amount of wages to survive.

Workers union have been working very hard to fight against the corporations for their members rights.


Unsafe Work Conditions and Injuries to Children

Labor Union: Why Do Workers Need It

Corporate bullies and economic struggles forces the patents to send their children to work and earn some wages for living.

There were many situations occurred in organizations where children were often left maimed or killed by fault equipment.

They were verbally abused, and weighted as a form of punishment if they were late or performed under par.

Thankfully, now the workers unions have been bargaining for the benefits of children to provide them access to schools.

Labor union are also working to effectively advocate effectively for national and local policies. Those local policies address the root cause of child labor and aid in enforcement.


Union Recognizes Social Injustice

There are various issues going on different organizations in the world making people water their pillows by night.

People working in foreign countries used to get physically and mentally abused by their bosses and seniors.

For example, in 2012, Samsung was accused of exploiting younger workers in China where some employees were physically and verbally abused.

They were also forced to work more than 100 hours per month of overtime.

Samsung was also accused form making underage children working in the company with fake ID cards of the past workers.

While industries grew and industry leaders became rich at the expenses of safety, dignity, caring people began to form an alliance to help people get justice.

As a result, national labor union gained the respect of good, hardworking people and they gradually started to grow.

Now, workers union have started to recognize more and more injustices dished out by many of the kingpins of the corporate word and eradicate them.

Labor union have continued to fight for disadvantaged workers against the corporate bullies who intimidate and threat them for low wages.


The Rich Keep Getting Richer

Labor Union: Why Do Workers Need It

Not just in case of children or workers, many of the executives in the world have become victim of corporate bullies.

In the name of promotion and getting on top, the rich always come to be first no matter how much hard work the poor does.

People do not hesitate to go below the line and pay certain money in order to get their work done fast.

Thankfully, with labor union, CEO’s or the bosses are able to put themselves in their employee’s shoes and treat them right.

In fact, in recent years many union and non-union corporations have been popping up with CEO’s who offer their employees all benefits.

However, there are still many more that world turn this into a third world country, if given chance.


Unfair Practices

Labor Union: Why Do Workers Need It

In the world, full of injustice and unfair game, there are companies who survive by the skin of their teeth as CEO’s suck up its profit.

Leaving nothing but tiny bubbles to the people who broke their backs to bring profits, they play very unfair game.

Companies try to shift the cost of covering health insurance benefits and funds back onto the employees.

Thankfully, the labor union today have been able to stop these kinds of issues going out in companies over the world.

The labor union have been taking a stand for the people over a century. If the people fail to take a stand for the unions, the people will lose.