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Predictions: The Earth In A Hundred Years From Now

Future earth

Will the Iphones still be there in 2119? How will the earth look like in a hundred years?

Or will people travel in flying cars? Will there be a human settlement on mars?

Or the best one yet, will we still be alive then? The possibility of surviving the damages of climate change is very little.

Even though, the possibilities of technological advancements in a hundred years are endless.

There are thousands of questions like this that run in our head. We probably won’t live to get the answers to these questions.

Nonetheless, we sure would want to know the possibilities.

So, for the curious minds, these possibilities might help paint a picture about the earth in a hundred years.


The Environment

Unless we listen to the voices against pollution and CO2 emissions, these are the prospective scenes for 2119.

The climate change might not bring an end to the world in a hundred years.

In the long run, these effects will have unavoidable consequences.


Global Warming and Rising Sea Level

There is a very slim possibility of humans stopping the world from the wrath of climate change.

The ice caps are melting everyday causing the sea level to rise.

At the current rate of sea levels rising, the coastal cities will mostly be underwater by 2119.

Moreover, scientists have predicted that the sea levels will rise at least by 3 feet by 2110.

These extreme rise can cause floods all over the world. And this is only the at best case scenario.

So, in a hundred years, the great Atlantis might not be the only city under water.


Tsunamis and Hurricane

Future Tsunami

The frequency of the disasters like hurricanes, typhoons are evermore increasing.

Stopping ourselves from ruining the planets course of action is our best chance right now.

Currently, there are thousands of people who have lost their homes due to this disasters.

However, we still fail to look at these consequences.

So, if this pattern continues, by the year 2119, expect these to be normal occurings.

The world will look more broken than ever. There will be an increased rate of famine and world hunger.

People will migrate from coastal areas which will increase theft, terrorism, robbery and so on.



Climate Change

Next generation

It is inevitable to run from the consequences in the climate.

Human beings in a century will have the hardest time to survive in the earth.

The earth in a hundred years is expected to be warmer by 4°F.

The tropics are already expected to be 50% warmer by the year 2050.

Similarly, the North will be 10%-20% warmer.

The droughts will increase considerably. Consequently, famine and poverty will reach its highest in these places.

Wildfires, heat waves and storms have already shown us the mere possibility of its destruction.

So, at this rate, humans might have to find alternatives to survive in these extremities.



The wildlife extinction rate is at its highest.

This acceleration will cause millions of animals to disappear from the face of the earth.

These mass extinctions are mainly due to the humans- us. The habitat loss, global warming are all result of the pollution created by human beings.

At current rate, by 2119, the world’s most common animals will already be extinct. The animals like Tigers, Rhinoceros, Elephant, Zebra’s, will most probably be the thing of the past.

The next generation might read of these animals in their textbooks as extinct animals.


Technological Advancements

Technology in future

Looking at the brighter side, there are thousands of possibile technology advancements.

Although we might never get to see them, the next generation might get to enjoy it.

From flying cars to brains implants, there are thousands of tests and scientific runs being made currently.

Uber has already released its plan for Uber Air. Similarly, the sales of electric car is at its highest.

The face of earth will look nothing like today.

Unless some potentially hazardous giant asteroid hits earth’s surface, earth in a hundred years will be filled with robots like in the movies.

Therefore, at current rate, the roads in the future might look completely different from now.

The cities might be filled with flying cars.

predictions, in a hundred years

There are companies, working on developing self driving cars.

Not to forget, these driverless cars predicts the least rate of accidents in the future.

There are cases, even at present of robots performing surgeries.

So, the medical field also has been vastly benefitting from these advancements.

Robots on the go might be a very common sighting in the future.

With enough investment in Space exploration technology, the discovery of alien life might be possible in the future.

Advancements, technology

Unless the development of Artificial Intelligence backfires and we are enslaved by the Robots, the future might see the greatest advancements in science ever.

In brief, we might not live to see the best of science advancements, or the rise of the robots, or invasion of some other planet.

But we get to hold these never ending assumptions and expectations.

Nonetheless, we can reduce the impact of climate change on our future generations.

We can take steps to ensure that the things we are doing to destroy earth are minimized.