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Is Work From Home Really Productive For Businesses

Online work from from jobs

Businesses try to reduce their costs as much as possible. However, they do not want to compromise on the productivity of their workers.

So, one of the ways they can minimize their cost is through their employees.

Work from home is a rather new concept that companies are trying out on their employees.

A lot of researches have shown that work from home can prove to be more productive for employees.

Perhaps working online from the comfort of their homes makes people like their jobs more.

Although there are benefits of working from the comfort of our houses, there are certain si

tuations under which it might not work. It depends of various factors on whether it will be more efficient or not. For instance:

Online work from from jobs

It is generally more beneficial if you go to the office and meet people when your work is more team based.

Suppose if you constantly need to develop new ideas, it might be more productive. Brainstorming will be easier at work than through calls.


The question of whether you should work online for your job also depends on the culture of the company.

For instance, if the company values teamwork and cooperation, it might not work for people to work from home.


  • The type of work that the employee needs to do:

Online work from from jobs

The effectiveness of working from home also depends on what percentage of work can be done by employees alone.

Employees whose work are mainly online, it can easily be done from the comfort of their houses.

Obviously, if the work which requires the employees to be present cannot work in such manner.


Benefits of working from home:

There has been numerous research on this topic. It was believed until recently that employees need to go to the office in order for them to be able to do their work.

But newer researches have busted this myth. Recently researchers have found out that it can be beneficial to let employees work from their own houses. The following were the realised benefits:


Better health:

Employees report a better health when they are working from home.

Employees who are doing their jobs online from home spent 25 minutes more.

Similarly, the food that they eat at home is comparatively much more healthier than at work.

Moreover, the diseases that people can contract while travelling is absent when they don’t have to travel to work.

This can be subjective nonetheless, the employees are healthier when they are doing their work from their own places.


Cost savings:

When employees start working from home, they won’t need to commute to the offices. If they are provided with an option to telecommute, the cost of transportation is drastically reduced

. It costs people alot to travel. Mainly in the places where there are no public transports, people are forced to travel in their cars.

So, this can increase a lot of their costs. The fuel cost and the maintenance cost might make it more efficient for the employees to rather work from their homes.

Similarly, if the company is paying for the commute, they will not have to bear the unnecessary cost as well.


Time Factor:

Online work from from jobs

Another very important reason why working online from home is very effective in jobs are because people don’t have to waste a lot of time to travel.

When you work from home, the travel that you daily do to work will be cut out.

This will make the employees able to use their time more effectively. So, not just cost, but even the time factor is improved when working from home.


Increased Productivity:

As a result of saved time and cost, the productivity of the employee indirectly increases.

Additionally, the employees are much happier to get the opportunity to spend more of their time at their home.

Most employees will have a family, so when their jobs are online, they can maintain a proper work life balance.

Work life balance is very crucial for employees to be happy and satisfied at their work.

Employee cannot work properly unless they are not under any kind of stress.

Spending more time with their families can help them get a morale boost. This can also work as a motivating mechanism for the employees.

However there can be certain downsides of working from home such as:

  • Lesser teamwork and coordination.
  • Work relationships are not very strong.
  • The employee might lack loyalty towards a company.

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