Organizational Bullshit Perception Scale (Office BS)

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At one time or another, all of us have put up with a lot of shit (for the lack of a better word it) at our workplace. The capacity to identify it is practically a sixth sense for individuals who have lived through a lot of these settings throughout the years. However, there is now a good framework for measuring workplace nonsense. It assists you in determining the sorts you’re working with. As a result, you’re in a better position to decide whether to stay or to leave.

Introduction to Organizational Bullshit Perception Scale

Spotting office BS is like a skill you develop by being keen on the work environment around you. However, due to research published in the journal Psychological Reports recently, you can now actually quantify the BS that occurs in your office. This helps size up the measures you need to take to eradicate it from the office.

office bullshit
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The Organizational Bullshit Perception Scale is a novel means of assessing office bullshit. They defined it as “individuals inside an organization making assertions with little regard for the truth.”

Factors that contribute to Office BS :

To build up workplace nonsense, three unique components have been found. The list includes phrases like “disregard for the truth,” “the boss,” and “meaningless language.” The first, concern for truth, refers to how vital evidence and facts are in corporate decision-making. The second component, “the boss,” alludes to the willingness of higher-ups to put up with this BS.

The third component, “meaningless language,” relates to the prevalence of corporate jargon. This is easily dismissible language, such as acronyms and jargon, that makes individuals doubt their understanding. It also hinders people from contributing meaningfully to a conversation or expressing their concerns.

Was this scale actually tested?

The authors created variables for the Organizational Bullshit Perception Scale to examine these three categories. They then tested it on two separate groups of employees from diverse industries. Although it is still in its early stages, the scale can measure not only bullshit but also employees’ ability to see situations for what they are.

Recognizing a company’s nonsense may help minimize it. But even if it doesn’t, understanding the framework may help you better detect the kind of issues you’re dealing with. Also, it helps evaluate whether you can save your company’s culture. So the next time you’re at a never-ending meeting, listening to your coworkers spout meaningless words as your boss nods in agreement, remember that what you’re seeing is pure nonsense.

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