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Working From Home? Try These Four Productivity Tools

Man working from home for productivity

Most of us are probably working from home during this global pandemic situation caused by COVID-19. While the time has changed and we are at home, our work approach is changing too. We no more need to have a sophisticated work schedule – get ready in the morning, deal with coworkers on the job and return home in the evening. But, we all want ourselves and our team to be more productive, even working virtually.

Working remotely and managing my startup from home, I can understand the need for a better productivity tool for everyone working from home. So, in this article, I’m writing about some of the free and top-notch productivity tools that you can give a try.

1. Asana

Asana For Better Productivity While Working From Home

Asana is a project management program used to organize daily tasks and projects, even when working from various locations. It takes less than a minute to invite and onboard entire team members. Using this tool, a remote team can create, assign and follow tasks among each other. The ability to create multiple projects is the beauty of using Asana for project management. Additionally, you can access it on various platforms such as Web, Desktop, and Mobiles.

2. Slack

Slack another productivity tool

If your team needs to communicate frequently and requires instant responses on work matters, Slack is the best tool. Being an instant team communication tool, it lets the admin invite and onboard entire team members. Interestingly, it allows creating multiple channels, seamlessly set reminders and updates. Also, members can communicate one on one through its direct messaging features. Furthermore, it also supports cross-platform, meaning it is available on the web, desktop, and mobile versions. So you can give it a try today for free and start communicating with your team.

3. Miro

Use Miro working from home

If you frequently create visuals and concepts, Miro is the right tool for you and your creative team. It has various features that let users create and share mind maps, business model canvas, timeline and milestone creation, etc. Its free plan allows the creation of up to three boards and invitations to unlimited members. Though it supports cross-platform, I recommend it using on computer devices for a better experience.

4. Evernote


Have you ever had a situation where you had a brilliant idea on your mind, but you lost it because you didn’t write it? Or how about writing and sharing meeting notes and minutes all online? If so then you should think of Evernote. It is a tool that helps you write your concepts and ideas in the form of digital notes. You can also use it for sharing any messages and discussions. It also supports cross-platform and is free to signup and get started. But, it only allows the sync between two devices while you are on a free plan. However, this tool is going to save your money for buying pen and paper significantly.


There are plenty of different productivity management tools that you may already know about, or you can easily locate and use for free to sum it up. As time changes constantly, the need for various productivity tools for your business also changes. But the most important thing is that you visualize and analyze the need for your business. Also, it is equally important to motivate, prepare and organize your team to meet your business needs.

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