Weird Beauty Hacks that Actually Works

For centuries the ways people take care of their bodies and skin has changed. From using insects as lip color to using an actual lipstick, we’ve come a long way.

But with changing time the standard of beauty has also changed. And most importantly, what has changed is the way we use beauty products.

Today, it’s not important to use a product for its only purpose.

You can use a lipstick not just for your lips but also as a blush or eyeshadow.

A bronzer can also be used as an eyeshadow. The list goes on.

The same thing can be said about the different tools we use to apply makeup and skin care.

It’s not important that you use a blush brush to apply just the blush. Or you don’t really need any tool to apply foundation, let your fingers do the deed.

But these are just simple hacks we’ve known and sound completely okay.

There are some really weird hacks people use around the world in the name of beauty.

While some sound okay, some are batshit-crazy. But if it’s working on everyone, why not try it for yourself, eh?

And if you’re trying to find out what really works, here are 7 weird beauty hacks that actually work.

Blot your T-Zone with a toilet seat cover.

As crazy as it sounds, toilet seat covers (yes, the ones you put in a toilet seat, especially the public restrooms) act great as a blotting paper.

It’s soft and gentle to your skin and won’t wipe away your makeup, unlike tissue papers.

There’s no need to cringe as I’m not saying use a used toilet seat cover.

Use a fresh one and say goodbye to unwanted facial oil production.

Use orange/red lipstick as a corrector.

When it comes to makeup, the foundation isn’t the only thing that’ll hide what’s on your face.

In case you didn’t know, there are a few steps before that.

Well, there is your usual moisturizing and priming and prepping the skin. But one important step is correcting your face. Which means making sure that every part of your face has the same color.

If you have dark circles and no amount of product ever hides it, use an orange or red corrector.

And if you can’t get your hands on a corrector, don’t worry. You can use orange or red lipstick under your eyes instead.

Use a banana peel to whiten the teeth.

One of the most annoying things we sometimes have to do is deal with people with yellow teeth. While it’s disturbing for us, it’s embarrassing for them.

Brushing twice a day is a standard measure but let’s face it, it’s not always possible. And it’ll take forever if you already have yellow teeth.

Sure, you could use teeth whitening strips, but they’re a little too expensive for everyday use.

So, the best hack you could use is, try rubbing a banana peel on your teeth.

All you have to do is rub the inside of the peel on your teeth once every day for a week. Don’t use an overripe banana peel though.

Use baby powder for fresh hair.

Do you struggle with greasy hair? Or you simply don’t have time to wash your hair every day.

If any of this is something you relate to, the first thing you could do is use dry shampoo.

It will give you fresh looking locks without the hassle of washing it.

But if you can’t get your hands on dry shampoo, you can use baby powder.

That’s right, baby powder works exactly like dry shampoo. It takes away the excess grease from your hair and makes it look fresh.

The only problem is that your hair might look a little white if you don’t blend it well.

Use beer to wash your hair.

There is nothing as good as drinking a chilled beer on a warm summer night.

But beer can do more than just quench your thirst. It actually works wonder for your hair.

There are already a few brands selling beer shampoo but instead of that use a real beer.

It works great as a conditioner for your hair.

Apart from that, it strengthens your locks, repair split ends, and leave them soft and shiny.

The hack for applying perfume.

Have you ever wonder why some people’s perfume stays on for so long while yours fade away just moments after?

The trick is not to put perfume on your clothes but the different parts of your bodies.

Apply it behind the ears, down your back, on your knees, and inside the elbow. Spray some on your hairbrush and brush your hair as well.

And one easy hack is to put vaseline on your pulse points and apply perfume on the same area.

It helps retain the smell for a longer period.


Jamsu is a model Bella Hadid approved trick to keep your makeup stay on longer.

This is a Korean beauty hack where you apply your foundation as you normally would.

You then bake your face with translucent powder all over and dunk your face in cold water for 10 seconds.

And when you come out of the water, you’ll have a flawless makeup just like Bella does.

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