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Great Organizations Working To Stop World Hunger

Did you know probably around 850 million people in the whole wide world are suffering from hunger problem every day?

Truly, hunger is one of the greatest problems faced by the world today.

While many of us enjoy the pleasure of having satisfactory meals others don’t get chance to have one.

In contrast, there are millions of people especially children around the world who barley survive due to hunger.

Today we are wasting food like anything and demanding delicious meals every day.

However, there they are, people working hard constantly each day just to fulfill their empty stomach.

Fortunately, there are lots of organizations and Ngo’s taking initiative on this issue and constantly dedicating themselves to stop world hunger.

Noteworthy, almost 25 percent of the organizations are working to fight hunger.

Most organizations are working on lifting people out of poverty and make a difference in the world.

So, if you also want to make a difference, you can also work locally and donate or volunteer at your city’s food bank.

However, if that’s difficult, you can just respect the food you consume every day and try not to waste it.

Above all, these organizations are safe choices when looking to make charitable donations to stop world hunger.

Therefore, in this article we have got some of the list of organizations fighting world hunger so that you can contribute on your own.

Action Against Hunger

Action Against Hunger is an organization committed to end world hunger for nearly 40 years spanning almost 50 countries.

With more than 6,500 staff workers all over the globe, the organization is vigorously working to make world a better place.

The mission of Action Against Hunger is to save lives.

They do it by eliminating hunger through the prevention, detection, and treatment of malnutrition especially during disasters.

Regarding nutrition and health, Action Against Hunger has treated 5 million people around the world.

Action Against Hunger’s goal is to teach the community to learn to be independent and provide for themselves.

They do it through collecting data on nutritional indicators, analyze, and share specifically relating to under nutrition communities of needs.

Additionally, by installing programs to treat and prevent these communities.

Action Against Hunger is determined to eliminate world hunger so that they can push it for long-tern changes across the globe.

Above all, almost 93 percent of every dollar donated in this charity goes towards programs to eradicate world hunger.

Feeding America

The leading domestic hunger-relief charities in the United States, Feeding America has 200 food banks and 60,000 food pantries.

Their mission is to feed America’s hungry through a national wide network of member food banks and engage USA in the fight to end world hunger.

Each year, Feeding America provides food assistance to more than 25 billion low-income people facing hunger, including 9 million children.

While this organization also connects people with food through donations, volunteers and dedicated staffs.

Feeding America takes nutritious food before it goes to waste from retails, manufactures, and farmers and gives it to hungry people.

Bread for The World Institute

The Bread for The World Institute is a voice that urges national leaders throughout the world to end world hunger.

This faith-based organization confronts national leaders about policy on hunger and strategies to end it.

Bread for The World Institute has been contributing to eradicate world hunger in the USA, Asia, Latin America and Africa.

The organization’s approach is one of education, analyzing the world’s hunger problem and devising strategies to combat it.

Bread for The World also teaches policymakers and opinion leaders.

Additionally, its advocacy network, and the public about hunger problem, producing studies and developing educational resources.

The organization works with members of Congress on issues that affect world hunger including immigration reform and child nutrition.

Additionally, the goal of the organization is eliminating world hunger and making it priority. They believe that by doing so, world hunger can be eliminated by the end of 2030.

Food Bank

Food Bank oversees feeding New York City’s hungry, a big job for anyone.

The Food Bank For New York City was founded in 1983 to address the growing need of people seeking emergency food assistance in New York City.

This organization also works to end food poverty and increase access to affordable, nutritious food to low-income people.

Food Bank recognizes 25 years as the city’s major hunger-relief organization focusing on direct services, food sourcing and distribution.

Additionally, the organization focuses on nutrition and health education, financial empowerment, disaster relief, and policy and research.

Most importantly, working really hard to eradicate world hunger, the organization runs through the five regions.

Freedom for Hunger

Freedom for Hunger is a California-based organization that has been helping the poor over 70 years.

Having joined forces with the Garmeen Foundation in 2016, Freedom for Hunger focuses on helping the poor, women, in particular, and eradicate world hunger.

Freedom for Hunger is an international development organization that brings innovative and sustainable self-help solutions to fight against hunger and poverty.

With combination of microfinance with health and education services to equip very poor families, the organization aims to improve their incomes, safeguard their health and achieve lasting food security.

Additionally, with group activities, training sessions, guidance counselors and interactive discussions, Freedom for Hunger encourages the women in safe heath practices.

The Hunger Project

The aim of The Hunger Project is to empower men and women to end their own hunger and hence end world hunger.

Founded in 1977, The Hunger Project is most of all, a global, strategic organization committed to end world hunger.

Through women-centered strategies in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, the organization uses three essential pillars.

Precisely, the approaches includes mobilizing at the grassroots level in villages to build self-reliance, empowering women as key change agents, and forging effective partnership[s with local government.

Hence, the final goal of The Hunger Project is to teach families to build better futures for their children.

Heifer International

Founded in 1944, the mission of Heifer International is to empower people and help them get out of poverty.

Heifer International work on empowering women and social capital in order to multiple the success of their efforts.

The organization supports the “passing on the gift” model by donating livestock such as cows, goats, and chickens,

Additional, the organization also raise funding for similar programs to end world hunger.

When these animals create offspring, families are encouraged to pass on the first female baby to another family. This family then dose the same with the offspring of their animals.

Heifer International’s approach focuses on developing income and assets, food security and nutrition, and the environment.

Above all, the organization has helped 15.5 million families in more than 25 countries to improve their quality of life and end world hunger.