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Good Books to Read to Broaden Your Perspective

Reading is the best way to gain wisdom. There is no denying that at present there are videos packed with knowledge.

However, reading a book that you can physically hold and touch gives you a different kind of energy.

There is just something about reading a printed book that words cannot explain.

No matter how much a kindle reader argues with me about the pros, I can’t give in.

There are many books to read to  get smarter in the market.

However, the books listed below are the ones that I would recommend you to read.


Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari:

If you’re a science junkie or just basically someone who haves to love the art of writing with the touch of science.

This book is the one for you. This is a wonderful book to read to let your brain acknowledge the biological limitations of human beings.

In this book, Harari categorized human evolution into four main. Each of these four stages has grown human beings to what we are at present.

The public has loved Harari’s work. However, at the same time it has received tons of criticisms from certain scholars.

But if you want to listen to the words of her supporters, Bill Gates listed this book as one of his favorite books.

Even if you are one of those ebooks readers, you can download it on kindle as well.


Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman:

book to read

Under this book, Kahneman has categorized our thinking pattern into two major type.

Under the system I, we normally take instinctive decisions. Conversely, when we think in system I, we think slow but logically.

The Israeli Author who lived in France before returning to Palestine, earned his nobel prize for his work in psychology and economics.

He has successfully explained the anchoring effect, biases and the risk and failures.

So, if you’re trying to give yourself a food for thought, at the same time understand your behaviour, this is the best book to opt for or to read to get smarter.

Also if  you’re an ebook reader can easily read it on your kindle.to


The Art Of Thinking Clearly by Rolf Dobelli:

book to read

As the book title suggests, this is a book you don’t want to miss if you love reading human behaviour.

This book suggests the errors we make while thinking. Even the most smartest people make such errors.

But there are ways in which we can predict such mistakes. However, it is not necessary that we can fix all of these patterns.

We can understand how we take decisions.

This books is a complete package for someone who loves learning about how humans function. I would totally recommend this book if you’re trying to broaden your perspective.


A Short History of Nearly Everything – Bill Bryson:

kindle reader

This books sums up the whole history of human beings from the point of singularity till now.

As soon as you start reading the first page of this book, I am sure it will get you hooked till the end.

His way of writing down facts that are just simply end up sending chills down to my spine.

The human beings are all present in this universe is a miracle. There a so many ways we could just die in a fraction of second, but the fact that we are not is astounding.

I am pretty sure if you start the book, you will not want to end it.

So, more reasons to start reading it now! You can download it as ebook even if you are a kindle reader.


Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi:

kindle reader

If you have spent hours with your lover watching sunset but it only felt like a moment, you have experienced flow.

Flow is the experience of happiness as being present in the moment and enjoying it at optimality. In his book has rightly summarized the art of being happy.

The moment when a human being is happy, it’s a state of flow.

This book is perfect to read for someone who likes to understand more about themselves or humans.

How human beings tend to claim being happy is and how it really feels and works. So, grab yourself some warm hot chocolate this winter and dig into the depths of flow.


Influence by Robert B. Cialdini

Similarly, another spectacular read is this work of art by Cialdini. In this book, he sums up the 7 key influencers in the persuasion.

Each of these influences make a huge difference in your ability to understand and deal with people.

If you are feel that you might lack your ability to really understand and deal with people, this is another book to read.

This is an extremely helpful book for introverts as well. As introverts, we might have lesser ability to understand and negotiate with people.

But this book helps you develop these skills. So, grab you kindle and download the ebook.

Or just buy the book, if you are someone who loves hard printed books.


Man’s Search For Meaning by Victor Frankl

Book to read

If you’ve ever wondered what people might have endured in the concentration camps by Nazis, this is a very good book to reach out to.

This book was written by Victor, who was a prisoner in those concentration camps during the world war II.

The book that came out in 1946, was originally written in German and later translated into other languages.

He has summarized the experience in a psychological perspective. There are the different psychological stages of reactions shown by all the inmates.

Frankl has summarized, the complete experience of from being thrown into the prison to your reaction when you finally get out of one.

If you’re looking to gain perspective, improve your understanding of the humans these books are the best.

Trust me you will not regret this.

These books are just easily the best books you can read to get smarter, improve your reactions, behaviour and understand other people.

However, if you think these books are far too advanced for your choice, you can always read these books to begin with.